Friday 21 November 2008


From Expedition and Adventure Cruising

A honeymoon idea that dreams are made of – aboard a boutique motor-cruiser that with just ten other couples and which has you feeling you're almost aboard your own private motor yacht – can be had in one of the world's most romantic setting, the unspoiled Tuamotu Archipelago in the South Pacific's most romantic location, French Polynesia.

And if a few close friends or family go along to share this experience with you, it will make it seem all the more that you truly are honeymooning under balmy tropical skies by day and starry skies by night – the way the stars do it.

The 24-passenger Haumana cruises 3- and 4-night itineraries on the spectacular Rangiroa Lagoon, with many couples opting to combine the two cruises for a week-long honeymoon that dreams truly are made of.

Lavish French-Polynesian dining includes a unique luncheon at tables set in the actual waters of the spectacular Rangiroa Lagoon, and there are opportunities to escape by yourselves on bush- and beach-walks, to go swimming, snorkelling, coral viewing, shark feeding, kayaking, and to visit little island villages with only a handful of residents, or to go beach, line or game fishing…

Or to just laze around on unique pink or white sand beaches, or in Haumana's outdoor lounge.

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