Thursday 31 May 2018

Russia’s Ring of Fire - Kuril Islands - with World Expeditions


New itinerary spends a week at the notoriously-difficult-to-reach Kuril Islands

On foot or by boat? One of the last unexplored places on Earth, Kamchatka promises the trip of a lifetime

The Russian Far East remains one of the last unexplored places on Earth – so if you are looking to leave the world behind, you can choose one of the following three trips that visit the remote Kuril Islands, one of the most difficult places to reach on Earth.

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Motor Vs Sailing - How to Decide Which Yacht Is Right for You

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Sailing lore always romanticised travelling by sea with images of perfectly blue water, gentle winds, and nothing but possibilities ahead. Whether in film or literature, sailing is always depicted as man either confronting nature or being freed by it. In reality, though, all experiences are not the same, and the type of vessel you choose can definitely impact your adventures at sea.

Typically, when shopping for a yacht, you can choose from a motor or a sailing yacht. It’s important to be aware that one is not necessarily better than the other, but each has different features, advantages and uses. Choosing which type of vessel is best is going to be determined by personal choice, the type of journeys you are going to be embarking on and what you will be doing while on the water.

Continue reading below to learn more about the differences between motor and sailing so you can make the right decision for you.


In terms of the way each vessel sails, your choice will depend largely on the function of the vessel. Many motor yachts for sale have at least one diesel engine that powers propellers and other onboard electronics. Because they are generated by engines, owners will feel the power of the vessel as it moves through the water. Additionally, a motor powered yacht will need fewer people to operate, meaning you don’t need to look for or hire a crew.

On the other hand, sailing yachts generally require an experienced crew to handle rigging, manning the sails and to work together to safely maneuver the boat through the water. When a crew is working together like a well-oiled machine, all pulling in the same direction, it’s a great feeling for all involved. And as these vessels tend to move through the water quietly, sailing tends to be a more relaxed and peaceful experience.

Navigation and Communication Systems

When it comes to navigation and communication systems, motor yachts have the jump on sailing yachts. Motor yachts have a panoramic 360o view, as opposed to sailing yachts where the view is obstructed by the rig, the mast and, of course, the sails.

Furthermore, even though you can mount lightweight antennas that work over longer distances with sailing yachts, motorised ones support larger dishes with reception over more expansive areas. However, to compensate, sailing yachts can be affixed with antennas that can be mounted higher, but choosing quality cable is important in terms of receiving a clear signal.


Motor yachts have more space, in addition to onboard electronic features. For this reason, these vessels tend to be for people who want to hold events such as parties or charters. Additionally, motor yachts tend to be outfitted with more amenities and cabin space with some of them containing hot tubs and even discos!

Finally, because of their speed, they allow you to travel greater distances quicker than sailing yachts. Conversely, sailing yachts are smaller in terms of the amount of space available and are designed more for people who want to just sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.


In terms of expense, it’s a mixed bag, as there are so many different variables to take into account. In addition to the cost of purchasing your boat, you need to give due consideration to other costs such as maintenance, insurance and mooring. Running costs like fuel will need to be taken into account with a motorised vessel also.

When it comes to sailing yachts, there are usually a lot more expenses you are likely to incur after the initial sale. Just like a motor vessel, you will have to pay for maintenance, insurance and berthing. However, with a sailing yacht, you need to put some money aside for rigging and sails to ensure that you are able to get from A to B efficiently and safely. This cost will vary greatly depending on the condition of the sails and the rig when you buy your boat, so it’s important to pay close attention to this when you’re shopping for a sailing yacht.

Making the Right Choice
Both options require a certain amount of consideration. Motor yachts might be more appropriate for those who desire the feeling of exhilaration of powering through any body of water. Conversely, for those who want to frolic on the sea while listening to the waves gently lap the boat, a sailing yacht might be sufficient. When looking for a yacht, your choice depends on what makes sailing your personal paradise and how you want to enjoy your time on the water going forward.

Second Hurtigruten newbuild delayed

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The debut of the Fridtjof Nansen, the second new expedition cruise ship from Hurtigruten, has been pushed back, a representative of the cruise line tells Travel Agent. The change in schedule is due to the delay of the ship’s sibling vessel, the Roald Amundsen, which the expedition cruise line reported back in February.

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Tuesday 29 May 2018

Ponant returns to Cuba

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Ponant has announced its return to Cuba for a second season with a sailing scheduled to run from January 25 to February 3, 2019.

Guests who book early can save up to 30 percent resulting in fares that start at $7,980 per person and include airfare from Miami as well as two pre-cruise nights in Havana at a hotel.

Monday 28 May 2018

PONANT's Le Laperouse successfully completes sea trials


Le Lapérouse, the first ship in the PONANT EXPLORERS series, runs through her first sea trials successfully in Norway this month while the construction of the other five expedition vessels in the latest-generation series is under way.

On 18 May, Le Lapérouse, the first ship in the new PONANT EXPLORERS series, successfully conducted her sea trials at the Vard Shipyard in Ålesund, a subsidiary of Fincantieri, a world leader in cruise ship construction. The tests, part of the last stage of construction, is also the first opportunity to reveal the new ship and enjoy the elegant lines of PONANT's latest-generation series.

"These sea trials are a real success for the company. Remarkable nautical performances, technical excellence, a high standard of comfort, everything is in place for the PONANT EXPLORERS series to be a real triumph" says Jean Emmanuel Sauvée, CEO of PONANT.

The first cruises on board Le Lapérouse start from Iceland in June 2018. The ship will then cruise the Mediterranean, then head via the Indian Ocean and Asia to Australia for her first season of expedition voyages to New Zealand's Sub Antarctic Islands (February 2019), Melanesia and Australia's Kimberley region (May to August 2019).

The construction of the five other ships in the PONANT EXPLORERS series is well under way. The steel-cutting ceremony for the 5th and 6th vessels, Le Bellot and Le Surville, scheduled for delivery in 2020, took place on 4 April in Romania. More recently, Le Champlain reached Norway on 27 April to complete the final phases of her construction. The inaugural cruise will take place on 25 October in Honfleur, France.

The construction of Le Bougainville and Le Dumont d' Urville progresses on the Vard shipyard in Tulcea in Romania; the ships are scheduled for delivery in 2019.

Pandaw India river cruise debut


Pandaw has announced the launch of an India river expedition that will take guests on an epic journey along The Lower Ganges, aboard the stately, "Orient Pandaw".

The seven-night, "The Lower Ganges" sailing from Kolkata to Farraka and vice versa, will debut on 23 December 2018 and will offer weekly departures until the end of April 2019. It will re-commence in July 2019 through to April 2020.

Saturday 19 May 2018

Lindblad Expeditions free imaging conference NYC - Register now.

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FREE Imaging Conference in NYC — 4 days of photography!

Take your craft to the next level. 

Highlights include:
  • Presentations by Award-winning National Geographic photographers
  • Portfolio reviews, technique critiques and learning sessions
  • Tradeshow with top vendors sharing the latest imaging tech
  • Photo walk, sunset cruise, dinner & cocktail reception & much more!
Can't make it? The first two days sessions will be streamed online, but you'll have to be there in person for the rest. We expect considerable interest, so reserve your space now.

Expedition cruise industry addresses plastic waste

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Following pressure by concerned travellers, the industry is moving - albeit slowly - to address the issue of plastic waste.

Small ship cruise companies are at the forefront of this newly-waged "war on plastic".

Hurtigruten will remove everything from plastic straws and cups, coffee lids and plastic bags from all of its ships by July 2, 2018—and the company has the goal of becoming the world’s first plastic-free shipping company.

“At Hurtigruten, we have focused on the problem with plastic pollution for years,” said Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam. “There is a lot of talk about the impact plastic has on our oceans. But it’s time to take action. By getting rid of single-use plastic on board all ships already by this summer, we will hopefully get others to follow. It is possible to act now, and the oceans do not deserve more hesitation.”

As part of its commitment to sustainable tourism, Peregrine Adventures, already a carbon-neutral travel company, recently announced it will ban all single-use plastics (such as straws, cups, and water bottles) onboard its adventure cruising charter trips, providing passengers with reusable cloth bags and refillable water bottles.

Back in 2009, Silversea Cruises installed water filtration systems onboard its ships and, now, suite attendants refill glass carafes in each stateroom with the filtered water instead of restocking with single-use plastic water bottles. The company estimates that it has eliminated the need for about 400,000 disposable water bottles per year.

The Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO) is taking an even more in-depth approach to ridding the oceans of harmful plastics. The organization has hired a seasoned polar tourism professional, Sarah Auffret, to combat marine plastic.

“Marine litter is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time,” said Frigg Jorgensen.

“An opportunity for the Arctic expedition cruise industry to involve presented itself when AECO received an invitation from Erik Solheim, UN Environment Executive Director, to join the Clean Seas Campaign,” Jorgensen added. “AECO highly supports UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign and will be taking actions to beat plastic pollution. Now, our commitment has been given additional momentum by the fact that we have been able to secure external funding to further develop our Clean Seas initiatives.”

Auffret has a background as a G Adventure expedition leader on cruises in Svalbard, East Greenland and the Antarctic Peninsula and as base leader of Port Lockroy.

The Adventure Travel Trade Association is also committed to reducing plastic waste and is taking a leading role in reducing the use of single-use plastic water bottles within the adventure travel industry. The organization is currently collecting data, creating education, generating awareness and collaborating with industry partners to create solutions for this growing problem.

Sources include: Travel Pulse

One Ocean Expeditions to Costa Rica in 2019

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Expedition cruise specialist takes photography to the heart of its innovative Central America cruise programming

Expedition cruise specialist, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE), recognised for its comprehensive educational programming, expands its photography program to non-polar destinations in spring 2019, starting with Costa Rica.

Home to 6% of the entire world’s biodiversity, Costa Rica is every photographer’s dream. OOE’s Photographer-in-Residence, Jeff Topham, compares the sheer volume of Costa Rica’s stunning backdrop of wildlife and nature to that of Antarctica.

Photography has always been a focus of OOE in all the destinations offered. On every departure, a photographer-in-residence is on board to assist guests and enhance their photographic skills, goals and overall cruise experience. They help capture the complexity of the landscapes, wildlife and natural beauty of sites in the best possible light.

Jeff Topham says “Photographically, Costa Rica is a dream location for amateur and professional photographers alike. It's comparable to Antarctica - except instead of all the ice, penguins and sub-zero temperatures, it has endless beaches, mystical rainforests, stunning sunsets, sunrises and wildlife that’s like something out of a zoology textbook. So truthfully, the idea of sailing and shooting there and joining One Ocean Expeditions’ team of experts in the comfort of the new RCGS Resolute, is just incredible! I’m thrilled to see the company venturing into amazing non-polar destinations. Their guests are in for a treat!”

The small Central American country has over 840 identified species of bird and more than a quarter of the country is protected national park land, making OOE’s 9-night voyage the perfect backdrop for a photography vacation. The itinerary features exotic rainforests, white sand beaches, tangled mangroves and coral reefs, as local guides showcase some of the world’s most diverse wildlife, from howler monkeys to scarlet macaws and endemic species not found anywhere else on earth.

RCGS Resolute will head to Central America in April 2019. The vessel provides the highest standard of expedition cruise accommodation to just 146 passengers, with an impressive staff to guest ratio of 1:4. Facilities include a wellness centre, yoga sessions, gymnasium and saltwater pool, plus panoramic outdoor viewing decks and an enhanced adventure concierge service, ensuring that every guest has the most personal, tailored experience possible. Guests have access to stand-up paddle boards, sea kayaks, snorkels and Zodiac excursions, plus the cruise specialist’s trademark guides who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every voyage.

Central America Adventure - Costa Rica & the Panama Canal (23 April – 2 May 2019) Prices start from US$3,995 in triple shared cabin and from US$5,295pp in twin cabin, both with en-suite.

For more information about One Ocean Expeditions:

For more information about the Central America Voyages:

Lindblad Patagonia Offer: Save $1000pp

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WHAT: Lindblad Expeditions is prompting travellers to continue their 2018 adventure with savings of $1,000 per person on the 18-day 17N Epic Patagonia: Fjords, Peaks and Forests itinerary. Travellers will also receive free selected charter flights and complimentary bar and gratuities.

Patagonia is the essence of wilderness due to its remoteness and maze of channels and islands. From the “land of fire,” Tierra del Fuego, to the jagged spires of Torres del Paine National Park, experience Patagonia at close range aboard National Geographic Explorer.

INCLUSIONS: One-night hotel accommodation, sixteen nights cruising aboard the National Geographic Explorer, meals as indicated, excursions, services of LindbladExpeditions’ Leader, Naturalist staff, expert guides, use of kayaks, entrance fees, port charges and service taxes.

PRICE: Now $23,220 per person.

WHEN: For departure date 7 October 2018 for bookings made until 31 July 2018.

WHERE: For full terms and conditions, please visit or call 1300 363 055.

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Adventure World Travel's first dedicated Ocean Expeditions brochure.

Experts in tailor-made holidays, Adventure World Travel, has launched its first dedicated Ocean Expeditions 2018-19 brochure.

The brochure features Adventure World's handpicked selection of the best ocean expeditions from magnificent tall ship experiences with Star Clippers, to magical wildlife encounters with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic venturing through Alaska, the Arctic, Antarctica, Galapagos and Patagonia.

A highlight in the collection is the 22-day Antarctica, South Georgia and The Falklands expedition with Lindblad, where travellers can take advantage of the daylight exploring the Antarctic Peninsula or spend four days observing the colonies of king penguins on South Georgia Island, discovering The Falklands and its albatross colony.

Over in Hawaii, travellers can explore wildlife-rich waters on a seven-night journey with UnCruise Adventures. The island chain of Hawaii forms the largest marine sanctuary in the world, and travellers can spend exhilarating days of kayaking and watching humpback whales in their natural habitat.

The expeditions invite visitors to experience first-hand some of the most remote and beautiful pockets of the world with the added bonus of five-star comfort, exquisite cuisine, plus the chance to enjoy up-close-and-personal wildlife experiences which larger ships simply can't deliver.

Neil Rodgers, Adventure World Travel Managing Director commented: "It was only a matter of time before we released a brochure dedicated to our ocean expeditions collection. We know travel agents love presenting their clients with the opportunity to explore some of the world's most extraordinary destinations and pristine coastlines from our fleet of expeditions ships, and our first-ever Ocean Expeditions brochure does exactly that."

For more information visit Adventure World Travel at or call 1300 363 055.

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Huge savings on Intrepid sailings: Galapagos and Zanzibar

Intrepid Travel is offering up to 40 per cent off select sailing trips to the Galapagos Islands if travellers book before 15 June 2018, and up to 30 per cent off Zanzibar sailing trips booked before 31 July 2018.

Famed for its wildlife, the seven day Galapagos Northern Islands adventure was $4,209 and is now $2,589 per adult in a twin share room for the 14 and 28 June 2018 departures. There are also discounts on itineraries departing from July to September. Travellers will learn about the island's history at the San Cristobal Interpretation Centre, wander through the Opuntia Forest and visit seabird rookeries on Genovesa. They'll also snorkel amongst turtles and diamond stingrays off Darwin Beach, inspect the unique flora of Bahia Sullivan and stroll along Isla Rabida's rust-coloured sands.

The ten day Ultimate Galapagos Central Islands departing on 12 June 2018 was $6,689 and is now $4,077 per adult in a lower deck twin bunk room. This trip combines off-the-beaten track gems with iconic sights like the Pinnacle Rock. Travellers will enjoy minimal contact with other travellers as they traverse the remote west coast of Isabela on a small Panga boat, and venture to the far-west Fernandino, home of the highest density of marine iguanas.

For those with less time, the 19 June departure Galapagos at a Glance Southern Islands was $3,479 and is now $2,151 per adult in a lower deck twin bunk room. Travellers will spy pink flamingos wading through the lagoons of Punta Cormorant, snorkel through the underwater wonderland of Devil's Crown and watch albatross take off along Punta Suarez.

Three June departures of the seven day Zanzibar Spice Islands Sailing Adventure were $2,265 and are now $1,586 per adult in a twin share room. The adventure explores some of the 40 islands which make up the Zanzibar archipelago, with guests enjoying visits to local fishing villages, snorkelling among coral reefs and hiking through the Ngezi Rainforest. Travellers can choose to relax on deck, dive into crystal-clear waters, cast a line overboard and savour a BBQ dinner of freshly caught fish while watching a magnificent sunset. Late June and July departures are also on sale starting from $1,649.

Intrepid sailing trips include all meals onboard, tea, coffee, water, beach towels and snorkelling equipment. As part of Intrepid's commitment to responsible travel practices, all trips are carbon offset and staff live and work in local areas, meaning they benefit from each trip.

For more information visit

Monday 14 May 2018

Galapagos Islands cruising: local flights included



To celebrate the expansion of their Galapagos Islands cruising portfolio, Australia's Expedition Cruise Specialists is offering free return flights from the South American mainland to the Islands on selected 2018/19 cruising expeditions.

The flights, valued at up to USD $498 per person, are available on five and seven day sailings aboard three of the finest vessels cruising the archipelago, Metropolitan Touring's 90-passenger Santa Cruz II, the intimate yacht La Pinta and the 40-passenger Isabela II.

Travellers can take advantage of the free economy-class flights from either Ecuador's capital Quito or Guayaquil when they book before 30 June 2018, on cruises departing before 28 February 2019 (excludes Christmas and New Year cruise dates).

According to Andrew Castles, General Manager at Expedition Cruise Specialists, the Galapagos Islands rank among the world's most extraordinary wildlife destinations and are 'quickly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for expedition cruisers'.

Highlights of the expedition cruises include the opportunity for travellers to get up close and personal with wildlife including giant turtles, sea lions, marine iguanas and flamingos. There's hikes ashore across stark volcanic landscapes with local naturalist guides and adventure activities including kayaking, snorkelling and glass bottom boat tours.

Cruises depart weekly, year-round with prices for five-day voyages aboard the Isabela II starting at USD$3,322 per person, twin share.

For bookings and more information visit or call 1800 90 20 80 to speak to a Galapagos Islands travel planner.


Sunday 13 May 2018

New Antarctic Cruise to Witness 2021 Solar Eclipse

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Witness the 2021 Solar Eclipse in Antarctica

Eclipse Travel has announced a unique opportunity to experience the 2021 solar eclipse whilst taking in the stunning sights of Antarctica aboard the Akademik Ioffe. The eclipse will occur on Saturday December 4, making landfall on Antarctica directly south of South America. This twenty-day voyage departs from Ushuaia, Argentina on 23 November 2021, with prices starting at USD $16,795 per person triple share, including a credit of USD $1,000 to spend with Eclipse Travel.

  • The Akademik Ioffe is a purpose-built scientific research ship – with less than 100 passengers.
  • The most stable ship in polar waters – perfect for eclipse observation in the open waters 100 miles east of the South Orkney Islands.
  • Comprehensive itinerary including South Georgia and Antarctica.
  • Voyage available exclusively through Eclipse Travel.

Prior to the eclipse, the itinerary will explore the wildlife-rich Falkland Islands and the remote island of South Georgia, both home to a proliferation of unique wildlife and birdlife. Passengers can expect to see penguin rookeries with more than 100,000 nesting birds and beaches covered in fur seals and elephant seals.

The path of totality for the eclipse lies near the South Orkney Islands, where the vessel will be carefully positioned to provide the maximum possible exposure to the eclipse for viewing from large observation decks.

The journey continues south to Antarctica passing icebergs of all shapes and sizes, with shore excursions accompanied by naturalists, marine biologists, ornithologists and a resident photography professional.

Places strictly limited, twin cabins from USD $19,195 per person and suites from USD $25,095 per person. Limited sea kayaking places available from USD $795 per person.

Eclipse Travel also has a few remaining places available on Chile and Argentina 2019 solar eclipse tours, as well as Chile 2020. Director Tim Farquhar is available for interview or comment on increasing popularity of solar eclipse tours.

Phone: 1300 575 752. See

Island Passage sold to Canadian Maple Leaf Adventures

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Victoria BC-based ecotourism company Maple Leaf Adventures is adding a third ship to its fleet for 2018.

Designed specifically for expedition cruises, the new 138-foot (42m) catamaran (renamed Cascadia) provides luxury accommodations for up to 22 guests, while being able to travel to the wildest, natural places on the West Coast. The vessel’s small size and small guest numbers provide a human-scale experience that respects the carrying capacity of coastal inlets and communities.

Full Report

Editors Note: EC can confirm this vessel to be the former 'Island Passage' of NZ-based expedition cruise line, Island Escape Cruises, whose owner, Peter Bisset, has begun a newbuild project 'Windward Passage' due for delivery in May 2019.

Source: Facebook / Island Escape Cruises

Friday 11 May 2018

Third new expedition ship for Hapag-Lloyd


Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has been given approval to order a third expedition cruise ship by parent company TUI Group.

The newbuild will be a sister to the 230-passenger, ice-class ships Hanseatic Nature and Hanseatic Inspiration, which will both be delivered by Norwegian shipyard Vard in 2019. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises will soon launch the planning and negotiation process for the vessel, which will be delivered in 2021.

"Thanks to its experience, competence and high-quality standards, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises offers great potential to attract new international customer groups and deliver stronger growth in the expedition cruise segment," said Fritz Joussen, TUI Group CEO, speaking at its annual Investors' Day onboard TUI Cruises' recently delivered Mein Schiff 1 in Hamburg, Germany on 8 May.

TUI Group opted to order the newbuild following strong growth by all three of its cruise brands. TUI Cruises grew its average passenger occupancy rate from 99.7% in 2016 to 98.9% in 2017, while Marella Cruises recorded steady 99.6% occupancy rates and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises saw its occupancy rate increase from 73.8% to 76.4%. All three brands will welcome new ships between 2018 and 2023.

"Forecasts for cruising are excellent," said Joussen. "German and European holidaymakers are beginning to embrace this way to travel. Due to demographic change, traditional target groups are growing. At the same time, sea voyages are becoming increasingly popular among families and younger people. The convergence of these two very promising trends will further accelerate growth over the next five to 10 years. And we are only at the beginning of this trend."

Source: Cruise and Ferry

Monday 7 May 2018

New “Barossa Wine and Heritage Tour” for Murray Princess Guests

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SeaLink Travel Group has launched an exciting new “Barossa Wine and Heritage Tour” in Adelaide's famous wine region. The tour will be available to guests holidaying aboard the Murray Princess and is complimentary for all passengers on the seven-night Murraylands and Wildlife cruise and will be offered as an optional extra on the three-night Discovery and four-night Outback Heritage cruises.

The Barossa Wine and Heritage Tour features commentary by a SeaLink expert driver and explores the famous Barossa, Australia's richest and best-known winemaking region.

Departing from Mannum, the tour stops at Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre for morning tea and wine tasting, before visiting Maggie Beer's Farm Shop. Here, learn about Maggie and her story, as well as the history behind the Farm. Enjoy a short cooking demonstration and taste a range of her produce, including new products that are in development.

Lunch is a two-course gourmet feast at Lambert Estate. Take in the magnificent views from the deck of the vineyard while feasting on a shared platter incorporating fresh seasonal regional produce.

The tours final stop is the stunningly beautiful Chateau Barossa, which houses one of Australia's most significant collections of 19th Century porcelain. Explore the gallery or rose garden or engage in some more wine tasting before heading back to Mannum through the scenic towns of Williamstown and Mt Pleasant.

On arrival at Mannum, seven-night cruise guests will reboard the Murray Princess and three or four-night cruise guests will transfer to a luxury coach for their journey back to Adelaide.

The Barossa Wine and Heritage Tour is complimentary for seven-night Murraylands and Wildlife cruise guests and is part of the cruise itinerary.

The optional Barossa Wine and Heritage Tour is $161 per person when added to the three-night Discovery cruise or four-night Outback Heritage cruise. The tour departs Mannum, post cruise, every Monday and Friday at 9.30am and returns to Adelaide at 5.30pm.

Early Booking Saver (EBS) fares for the Murray Princess three-nights Discovery cruise start from AU$820.00 per person, twin share. EBS fares for the four-nights Outback Heritage Cruise start from AU$1122.00 per person, twin share and EBS fares for the seven-nights Murraylands and Wildlife Cruise start from AU$1683.00 per person, twin share.

For further information and to book a Barossa Wine and Heritage Tour visit:

Friday 4 May 2018

Sven Lindblad: expedition travel demand is 'unprecedented'

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Sven-Olof Lindblad - 'Every human being now has the capacity to be a communicator,' and people have a 'burning hunger ... to explore and share'

'Demand and interest in expedition travel is unprecedented,' the venerable Sven-Olof Lindblad of Lindblad Expeditions said Thursday as his company reported a strong first quarter profit and outlook.

A burning hunger to explore and share

'People are becoming more and more aware that the environment matters,' so there's an intellectual interest in this type of travel, he said. Thanks to handheld devices and social media, 'every human being now has the capacity to be a communicator,' and people have a 'burning hunger ... to explore and share.'

With everyone now in 'storyteller' mode, what could be more compelling than sharing the wonder of destinations like Antarctica and the Arctic?

Plus, family travel is on the rise, exposing new generations to new horizons.

'So there are many compelling reasons expedition travel is growing as it is,' Lindblad said.

Lindblad Expeditions, he added, has the advantage that it's not following a trend since the company has driven this segment for decades. (Lindblad's father Lars-Eric is credited with pioneering the expedition travel category in the 1960s.)

The focus continues to be providing 'authentic, meaningful and responsible access' to the world's incredible places.
Supply booming, but growth is on a small base

Expedition cruising is one of the strongest trends in the travel industry, but its growth is on a small base, Lindblad said in response to an analyst's question about supply growth—a concern for investors across the cruise spectrum.

As Lindblad sees it, supply growth and 'more noise' about expedition travel is good: 'It gets people jazzed.'

Lindblad Expeditions is participating in the building boom, having introduced coastal ship National Geographic Questlast year, with sister National Geographic Venture to follow in the fourth quarter and a bluewater newbuild, the high-ice-class National Geographic Endurance, to come in early 2020.

- Anne Kalosh - US editor of Seatrade Cruise Review and Seatrade Cruise News

Wednesday 2 May 2018

World Expeditions' Exclusive Antarctic Voyage with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki


Adventure travel company, World Expeditions, has launched an exclusive charter aboard the M/V Ortelius to the Antarctic Peninsula to be escorted by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki in November 2019.

As well as incredible wildlife encounters for which Antarctica is so well known, this is a rare opportunity for curious minds to venture to one of Earth's most fascinating and remote corners, in the company of Dr Karl, who has been described as an answer waiting for a question.

The unique, 12-day cruise will bring plenty of opportunities to learn about the Antarctic from Dr Karl and from the expert crew of lecturers and to see abundant wildlife including Adelie penguins, blue-eyed shags, leopard seals and a vast array of seabirds. There's also a good chance of seeing humpback and minke whales in the sheltered bays and steep glaciers that characterise the shoreline.

As well as shore excursions on the ship's fleet of zodiacs, the voyage will also provide optional activities to explore the area by kayaking, hiking/snowshoeing and climbing, all of which are included in the trip cost - on a first-in, first served basis.

For those feeling adventurous, there'll be an option to camp on the ice and, while on board, free photographic workshops will help guests capture the natural beauty of this ice-bound land to best effect.

Dr Karl is no newcomer to the frozen continent, having travelled there in 2009, 2010 and 2012 and this will be his first time crossing from South America.

"I'm excited to explore parts of the Antarctic I haven't yet visited," Dr Karl said, "and I'm hoping to arrange a citizen science project, collecting data that will be useful for scientists."

"I was amazed on my previous visits to see my first iceberg and seeing hints of blue ice," Dr Karl says.  "It took me a long time to work out why some ice was blue, why some was white and why some was green."

"To understand the reason for the different colours, you would need to learn a little bit about atoms," he says.

As with all previous World Expeditions trips escorted by Dr Karl, places are expected to sell quickly on this exclusive, 12-day voyage, which is timed for optimal weather and wildlife conditions.  The Antarctic Cruise with Dr Karl departs Ushuaia on 24 November, 2019, with berths starting at US$7,950 per person.

For more information or to book, visit or call 1300 720 000.


Tuesday 1 May 2018

IAATO reports latest Antarctic visitor figures

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The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) reported its visitor numbers for the 2017-2018 Antarctic season at the start of its annual meeting in Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

IAATO has been monitoring, analyzing and reporting trends since 1991 as part of its commitment to ‘leave only footprints’ through the effective self-management of its activities.

The upward trend in visitor numbers recorded since 2011/2012 continued in 2017-2018. The majority, 41,996, of visitors travelled by sea to Antarctica on vessels offering excursions ashore, representing a 16% increase compared to the previous year. Of these, 3,408 flew to the South Shetland Islands on the Antarctic Peninsula where they immediately boarded a vessel for onward travel.

This sector, known as air/cruise, has increased (6%) compared to the previous season. In addition, 9,131 visitors experienced Antarctica on one of four cruise-only vessels that do not make landings, an increase of 22% since 2016-2017.

580 visitors flew to field camps in Antarctica’s interior with IAATO land operators. Overall, the total number of Antarctic visitors in 2017-2018 was 51,707, an increase of 17% compared to the previous season. All visitor activities follow strict codes of conduct developed by IAATO and through the Antarctic Treaty System.

Terry Shaller of Ponant and Chair of the IAATO Executive Committee said, “Antarctica receives relatively few visitors compared to other destinations. The number of tourists who set foot on the continent this past year (42,576) is less than half the number of spectators at the Super Bowl. We are, however, mindful that the unique qualities of Antarctica require stringent safeguards. Our proven success in responsible visitor management is the result of forward planning based on deep understanding of the industry. This helps us fine tune our strategies to protect the precious places we visit while enabling people to have an enriching wilderness experience.”

Overall American visitors remained the most numerous, accounting for 33% of the total number, the same proportion as the previous year. Chinese visitors were the second most numerous, accounting for 16% of all visitors and increasing by 4 percentage points compared to 2016-2017. Australian, German and British visitors were the next most enthusiastic visitor nationalities, accounting for 11%, 7% and 7% respectively.

IAATO’s Executive Director, Dr. Damon Stanwell-Smith, added, “Visiting Antarctica is a privilege that comes with a responsibility to leave it pristine. The growth reported by IAATO mirrors a global upward trend in visiting remote places. Increasing evidence shows that these travelers want to tread lightly on the places they visit. IAATO operators are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to operate responsibly and deliver strong conservation messages to their guests who we hope will return home as ambassadors for its preservation.”

IAATO will present its latest figures at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Buenos Aires, 13-18 May 2018, to facilitate discussions on effectively managing human activity in Antarctica.

Windstar Cruises Return to Asia

Windstar Cruises' second season for the 212-passenger Star Legend in Asia kicks off in the northern Autumn of 2018 after the vessel's inaugural Alaska season in the upcoming Summer months.

The return to Asia for Windstar in 2018/19 will bring four new cruises, as well as the recurrence of four of the company's most popular cruises from its 2017/18 season sailing in the region for a total of 27 sailings.

Windstar has increased departures for popular Japan cruises timed with its famous cherry blossom season and spectacular fall foliage. New Asia itineraries include a comprehensive exploration of greater China; an Asian 'pop culture' journey from Tokyo to South Korea and Beijing; a Thailand and Malaysia cruise big on beaches and big cities; and a new itinerary discovering Indonesia, including magical Bali.

Silversea's Signature Land Program Collection: Nine new experiences


Enabling guests to travel deeper, Silversea unveils an exciting new collection of land programmes in nine breathtaking destinations around the world, named the Signature Land Programme Collection. Preserving Silversea's hallmark of luxurious adventure and born from the success of the cruise line's momentous Couture Collection, the Signature Land Programmes will unlock some of the world's most spectacular experiences from September 2018.