Tuesday 9 December 2008

“Make Us an Offer” on Galapagos Islands

Adventure tour operator Boundless Journeys is getting into the online auction game again. The company’s popular Galapagos Islands nature cruise, scheduled for February 19-28, 2009 has a few spaces available and the company is allowing bidders to “Make Us an Offer”.

Says company President Matt Holmes, “our travelers have been thrilled in the past by the opportunity to make a bid on a dream trip that may previously have been out of their reach price-wise. It really is a win-win situation; we get to fill a couple of vacant slots, and our guests get to take advantage of an amazing deal.”

Just how amazing? Competition for the few spots is typically fierce, but winning bids are often between 25-40% below the listed price of the trip. “It wouldn’t be a viable policy to do it for every trip, but now and then there is a perfect opportunity to share a really good deal with our guests,” adds Holmes.

To bid on the February 19-28, 2009 departure, simply e-mail your offer to info@boundlessjourneys.com, or call 1-800-941-8010. Detailed itineraries are available online at www.boundlessjourneys.com.

To be in the loop on future “Make Us an Offer” opportunities, subscribe to Boundless Journeys’ e-news list. You’ll receive one or two e-mails per month, containing auction offers and general travel news. To join the list, simply visit http://www.boundlessjourneys.com/moreinfo/newsletter.html and request to be added.

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