Tuesday 14 June 2016

Small Ship Expedition Cruising, an Adventure Like No Other


Small Ship Expedition Cruising,
an Adventure Like No Other

There is something so wonderful about getting on board, being able to unpack and then see something new every day. At Active Travel, we especially love small ship expedition cruising, because it offers an intimate way to sail the seas in style. Whether you’re already experienced or brand new to Ocean Cruise Experiences, there is always something new to explore. Our once-in-a-lifetime small ship cruises take you to some of the world’s most unique destinations, including Iceland, Antarctica, North America, the magnificent islands in the Asia Pacific and beyond. Small ship vessels offer the perfect way to explore these regions. They offer access to remote islands and bays that the big ships simply cannot get close to. In this way, Small Ship Expedition Cruising really is an eye-opening experience. To find the perfect cruise for you, contact Active Travel and speak with one of our specialist consultants today.

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