Tuesday 18 October 2016

Ponant presents its new 2017-2018 Winter cruises


Polynesia, Latin America, Japan, Antarctica, or even Oceania… Traditional and emblematic destinations, polar or tropical expeditions: Ponant has selected the most beautiful ports of call to ensure an unforgettable experience during Winter 2017-2018.

This new edition reveals for the first time the Ponant EXPLORERS. Innovative, designed for expeditions and easy to manoeuvre, these four new yachts – each boast 92 cabins only, the first two will join the fleet in 2018 and the other two in 2019 – are keeping with Ponant values, which once again chosen intimate and smaller-capacity… to go further, where others do not go.

To discover in this new Winter 2017-2018 edition: Ponant is joining forces with Ducasse Conseil, a catering centre of excellence run by Alain Ducasse.

Highlight of the brochure: mythical White Continent holds real fascination. To access the “sixth continent”, you will sail through the famous Drake Passage to reach the peninsula’s polar front, where time and space take on a new significance. Further on, South Georgia and its black-sand beaches play host to thousands of king penguins. The Falkland Islands, as for them, offers a stunning spectacle, as the last sanctuary of the elegant black-browed albatross is home to a fascinating range of protected wildlife. At sea, it’s the majestic humpback whales and imposing fin whales that will catch your eye.

“From Chile to the Antarctic Peninsula” – Punta Arenas (Chile) – Ushuaia (Argentina) on board The Boréal
– From the 17th to the 28th November 2017 – 12 days / 11 nights
– From €7,860 per person, port and security taxes included

“Historic Antarctica” – Montevideo (Uruguay) – Ushuaia (Argentina) on board The Lyrial
– From the 19th November to the 3rd December 2017 – 15 days / 14 nights
– From €7,560 per person, port and security taxes included

“Emblematic Antarctica” – Ushuaia (Argentina) – Ushuaia (Argentina)
– From the 28th November to the 8th December 2017–11days/10nights on board The Boréal
– From €8,960 per person, port and security taxes included
– From the 3rd to the 13th December 2017–11days/10nights on board TheLyrial
– From €8,170 per person, port and security taxes included


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