Thursday 26 April 2018

Former Fiji favourites to sail no more

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Just back from an exploration of the Fiji Islands with Captain Cook Cruises and I was sad to learn that three of my favourite vessels from the islands will (most likely) never sail again - at least in a commercial capacity.

Former Mystique Princess of Blue Lagoon Cruises in happier days (RE)

Blue Lagoon Cruises have all but given up on poor Mystique Princess (IMO 9131395). She languishes sadly in the harbour at Lautoka, apparently stripped of all her fittings and waiting for ... who knows what.

The cute all-wooden Tui Tai (RE)

Recent cyclones, especially the devastating Winston took its toll on maritime operations in Fiji and one casualty was the delightful schooner, Tui Tai (IMO 7910644). I hear she's still afloat, but too badly damaged to resume commercial operations.

MV Reef Escape as I saw her in 2008 (RE)

Captain Cook Cruises' Reef Escape (IMO 8512475) was sold to the 'colourful' resort owner, Albert Bertini, for use at his on-again, off-again project, Vautele Island. Last I heard it was beached there after a storm blew it on shore.

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