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Have you ever stopped to wonder why the smallest and intimate cruise ships are among the most expensive?

It’s true, a top-tier stateroom aboard one of the world’s new wave of boutique expedition and adventure cruise ships is easily five times the price of a bargain ‘white ship’ cabin.

And who are these people prepared to pay such a premium for this privilege? What is their motivation and why do they want to journey to these far-flung destinations?

Journalist Roderick Eime has been sailing
expedition cruises for almost 25 years.
Award-winning travel writer and photographer, Roderick Eime, has been travelling aboard the world’s fleet of expedition ships for more than 20 years, making multiple visits to the polar regions, remote Pacific Ocean and Southeast Asia as well as numerous rivers, including the Amazon, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Kwai and our own Murray.

His experience in this field is both in-depth and varied with extensive coverage of these isolated destinations as well the cultures and ecosystems unique to these locations.

Rod delights in sharing his many experiences aboard these vessels in fascinating destinations and has amassed an enormous library of press coverage with major media including Newscorp, CNN, Fairfax and ABC radio as well as countless content projects for industry-leading travel companies like Flight Centre Travel Group and Cruiseco.

Most commonly he is asked to provide summaries of the latest developments in the expedition cruise sector, overviews of emerging destinations, new ships entering the market or under construction as well as features from specific journeys.

He has also been called upon to deliver lectures aboard ships and has even worked as expedition staff, driving Zodiacs and guiding guests.

Rod welcomes your enquiry to discuss your publication’s specific needs.

Rod Eime embraced expedition and small ship cruising long before the industry proved that the sector had long-term appeal to a broad section of guests seeking unique and meaningful experiences. Now, with 23 expedition ships being built worldwide, Rod was clearly ahead of the time. His knowledge and insight are greatly appreciated by all.
- Sarina Bratton AM

"... Australia's most knowledgeable, experienced and prolific expert on expedition cruising ... "
- Louise Goldsbury, Senior Editor, Cruise Critic

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