Tuesday 20 October 2009

Orion Expeditions to Papua New Guinea 2010 - including new destinations

Additional destinations added for Orion PNG expeditions in 2010

For those who seek a path less travelled, Papua New Guinea, ranks as one of the most diverse and absorbing geographic and cultural destinations.

Impenetrably dense tropical rainforest, scattered islands, rugged terrain and active volcanoes conspire to make PNG difficult to explore. The purpose-built 5 star expedition cruise ship Orion provides the perfect base for those seeking adventures in this unspoilt paradise.

In March, April and October 2010 Orion returns to Papua New Guinea with five voyages to exciting points-of-call including spectacular Lambom and Lamassa (visited for the first time in 2009 and regarded as highlights of unspoilt wonder), and for the first time evocative Tingwon, Manus, Wuvulu, Sissano, Hansa Bay and Bagabag – newly uncovered by Orion's Expedition Scouting team and described as offering exceptional cultural experiences.

Not for everyone, these expeditions appeal to those who are naturally curious, seeking intellectual stimulation through experiences far from the norm – all the while assisted by Orion's knowledgeable Expedition Team both onboard and ashore, while travelling in luxurious surroundings with the service of 75 crew to manage every need or whim.

With numerous World War II sites of great significance, colourful colonial trading history, an extraordinary range of cultures and artwork, friendly villagers and outstanding crystal clear waters for swimming, snorkelling and diving, Orion's expeditions attract a group of like-minded travellers who enjoy photography, marine biology, bird watching, anthropology, maritime and military history and the just plain curious.

Access to and from Rabaul in PNG has been is simplified as Orion has arranged for Australian-operated charter flights between Cairns and Rabaul to assist in convenient transfers in both directions meaning, in effect, the expeditions start and finish in Cairns.

Further details for the New Zealand voyages and itinerary are available at www.orionexpeditions.com/calendar/expedition_calendar

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