Thursday 7 October 2010

North Star Cruises Australia is Now Featuring Market Leading Experiences at Market Leading Prices

The company has announced adjusted pricing for most of its 2011 & 2012 cruise options - an affirmative action designed to keep North Star in-step with a changed market.

Prices have been significantly reduced across the entire cruise schedule and persons with effected bookings would be offered adjustment.

In addition, North Star will offer an increase in the number of shorter duration cruise options and greater overall variety incorporating new destinations and, four completely different options to experience the magnificent Kimberley.

New schedule highlights include the Kimberley Snapshot - a one week opportunity to experience the entire Kimberley coast, Batavia Bound - a Fremantle departure focused on the stunning Abrolhos Islands and, the Montes Extravaganza - an opportunity for Pilbara mining communities to experience fishing paradise in style!

Commenting on the changes, North Star's general manager, Mr Peter Trembath, said "the changes are consistent with North Star's reputation for being a market leader and will surely make our cruises even more irresistible to the discerning adventurer!"

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True North Background

The multi-award winning adventure-cruise ship, True North, allows discerning guests to experience wilderness in surroundings more akin to one of the world's most exclusive hotels.

Lavish features include:

* A sundeck, forward observation lounge, ship's lounge, alfresco bar, internet café, plasma screens with interpretive information, lower deck dining room with large panoramic windows, and fine dining.
* All cabins feature enhanced décor, en-suite facilities, in-house entertainment and satellite telephones.
* Multiple expedition boats (6) allow passengers greater opportunity to do "what they want, when they want".
* To add another dimension to adventure - most cruise options feature an onboard helicopter.
* The purpose built True North is able to explore the upper reaches of shallow river systems.
* Adventure-cruises are conducted all around the Australian coastline and in the stunning waters of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.
The True North - one of the finest adventure-cruise ships in the world!

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