Tuesday 30 August 2011

Flickr: Expedition and Adventure Cruising

Mekong_1509True North - North Star CruisesPOM_5004Orion II"Europa" - Neumayer kanaal - Antarktis"Europa" in Antarctica (64°46 S & 63°19 W)
Ross Ice Shelf Feb 2011Ross Ice Shelf & Cape Crozier Ross Is Feb 2011Ross Ice Shelf from the 'Spirit of Enderby'Ross Ice Shelf 047Macaroni penguins.Emperor penguin and his chick.
Polar bear at 77°12 N -Barents sea-SvalbardGrease ice forming near the Ross Ice Shelf Feb 2011Mt Erebus and iceberg McMurdo Sound Feb 2011Tabular iceberg astern of the Spirit of Enderby Ross sea Feb 2011Ross Ice Shelf near the eastern end of Ross IslandMt Erebus, McMurdo Sound Feb 2011
Sunset behind Beaufort Island Antarctica Feb 2011Sunset Ross Sea Feb 2011The taxi to shoreBlack-browed Albatross - Thalassarche melanophrysAbundant Birdlife, YankichaHot Springs, Yankicha
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