Saturday 29 October 2011

Kimberley cruising

Stephen Scourfield, The West Australian

We pull into the Kimberley's King George River and follow its winding way from a wide mouth pouring into azure ocean, past mangroves and then great ramparts of Kimberley sandstone.

Round big sweeps and one final bend that reveals twin waterfalls, dropping side by side, throwing off a misty rainbow. Sparkling white gossamer against a massive red face.

Cruising the Kimberley coast reveals such spectacular sights every day; at every turn. It might be the 400sqkm Montgomery Reef which appears bizarrely in mid-ocean as the tide drops. It might be the indigenous rock art of remote sites like Raft Point.

The Kimberley across the north of WA is often and rightly described as one of the last wildernesses and marine treasures - rated alongside the Arctic and Antarctic. An area of significant biodiversity and one of the most intact tropical marine ecosystems on Earth.

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