Tuesday 4 October 2011

A New Online Guide to the Galapagos


There was once a time when a trip to the Galapagos entailed 8 days on aboat; or as Aqua-Firma defines it, a ‘Wildlife Yacht Safari’. Nowadays, youhave far more choice than this. Whilst being on a Wildlife Yacht Safari isideal for most people, Aqua-Firma also operates combined Yacht & LodgeSafaris (time on land and on water); combined trekking, sea kayaking andwildlife adventure journeys, whereby accommodation is entirely on land; andsome exclusively dive focused liveaboard and land based diving trips.Aqua-Firma can operate an almost infinite number of tailored combinationsenabling you to make the absolute most out of what will probably be a oncein a lifetime visit.

A great starting point for deciding upon an itinerary is Aqua-Firma’s newonline Galapagos Island Guide (visit www.aqua-firma.com/Galapagos/). Thishas been designed to help you understand each island's key features anddiscover the best ways in which to explore it. The Galapagos archipelagoconsists of 13 volcanic islands and further smaller islets besides.

Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, wilderness adventurer, bird watcher, a keensnorkeler, scuba diver, or someone with the Galapagos on their radar tovisit one day; the Guide will help you to pinpoint the ideal locations tovisit and what you can expect to find there. Each island guide includes anintroduction and further links to explore in more detail its Wildlife,Marine Life, Conservation & Geology.

Whilst the island guide is a useful reference, you can jump a step by simplycalling an Aqua-Firma Galapagos expert on 0844 412 0848 (local rates) or01428 620012 to discuss your interests and let them come up with a proposeditinerary to suit you. They can also offer advice on how you can combine theGalapagos with a trip to the Amazon, Andes, Peru's Machu Picchu, CentralAmerica and even as far south as Antarctica!

To access the Galapagos Island Guide and to explore what Galapagostrips Aqua-Firma offers, please visit: www.aqua-firma.co.uk/countries/Galapagos/

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