Monday 24 March 2014

RV Rajmahal at a glance


Brand new RV Rajmahal at anchor on the Hooghly River, West Bengal (R Eime)
A modern, comprehensively equipped river cruise vessel operating on the Ganges and Hooghly Rivers in West Bengal, India.

Owner: Assam Bengal Navigation (ABN)
Entered service: 2014
Length: 51m
Width: 10.4m
Draught: 1.5m
Passenger Decks: 3
Crew: 29
Passengers: 40 max
Cabins: 22. 18 convertible twin cabins. Four single cabins. All a/c.
Balcony: French windows
Tipping: Suggested $8/guest/day
Other: Spa, dining room, saloon/lounge/library, full length sun deck.

Itineraries offered:

  1. Kolkata to Farakka (7 nights)
  2. Farakka to Patna (8 nights)
  3. Patna to Varanasi (7 nights)

  • Dining is typically buffet selections of predominantly Indian cuisine. 
  • Shore excursions are a combination of local boat transfers and vehicle tours by local taxi. An experienced guide accompanies each cruise.
  • Water is filtered on board for use in bathrooms. Bottled water is supplied daily for drinking. 
  • Extensive Massage menu typically $30/45 mins
  • Laundry. Wash and iron shirt/blouse $1.50
  • Bar: Bottle Jacobs Creek $30. Spirits $6. Cocktails $10+ Beer $4
  • Medical: ship carries first aid only. All guests should carry insurance.
  • Internet: Limited WiFi depending on local mobile coverage. 

For further information and reservations, contact Active Travel

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