Monday 2 June 2014

First Edition of Berlitz River Cruising Guide


Cuts Through Brochure Hype. Berlitz Author Turns From Ocean Cruising To River Cruising

Douglas Ward
Douglas Ward, the Berlitz author renowned for setting the internationally recognised rating system for ocean-going cruise ships worldwide, has turned his attention to river cruising.

June 2014 (press copies are available now) sees the publication of the first edition of the frank and forthright Berlitz: River Cruising in Europe (£14.99). Almost every river cruise company promises ‘luxury’, but what does ‘luxury’ really mean? This new guide rates over 280 riverships independently and cuts through the hype of the river cruise brochures to help readers make an informed choice.

A river cruise is widely considered to be the most civilised way to see the best of Europe. Ward’s new book gives the lowdown on the pleasures and pitfalls of river cruising, with unbiased advice on what to expect and where to go. He provides candid reviews of all the major river cruise companies operating in the heart of Europe: which companies offer the best facilities, layout, food and accommodation, and rates the individual riverships on the same criteria. In brief, this warts-and-all guide tells readers everything they could ever want to know about the experience of cruising on Europe’s beautiful rivers and waterways.

With around one million people each year choosing to cruise on riverships, the guide will be invaluable for both river cruise novices and converts, as well as for those in the travel industry.
Ward concentrates on the cruises that can be purchased through specialist travel agents and tour operators, and on seven key rivers in Europe: the Danube, Rhein, Elbe, Rhone, Seine, Po and Douro, with a rundown of the best sights along those waterways.

Among the topics and highlights covered in the book are:

* Lifting the lid on what the dining experience is really like
* Booking and budgeting – any hidden extras?
* What to do if…
* 10 good reasons to take a river cruise
* What the brochures don’t say
* Dream getaway or a claustrophobic holiday nightmare – the pros and cons of river cruising
* A day in the life of a rivership
* A guide to the main river cruise ports and routes of Europe, with maps and top sights
* Barge cruising – the essentials of life in the slow lane.

Considered the world’s foremost authority of cruising, having spent more than 45 years working in the cruise industry, Douglas Ward travels up to 200 days each year aboard the world’s ocean-going cruise ships and riverships. He is best known for Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships, the best-selling annual guide to ocean cruising, which in September 2014 celebrates its 30th year of publication.

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