Monday 15 September 2014

Pitcairn Islands Tourism Confirms Sailings for 2015/16


Pitcairn Islands Tourism has confirmed dates for their passenger shipping services to Pitcairn Island through to 2016.

The new shipping services were announced recently at the Pitcairn Islands Tourism launch in Sydney.

Making the announcement during the launch of Pitcairn Island as an emerging tourism destination for Australians, Richard Hankin, of Tropics Marketing who represents Pitcairn Islands Tourism in Australia, said, “The shipping service connecting Pitcairn to the outside world through French Polynesia is pivotal to the continued development of tourism to the island group.”

Bounty Bay Pitciarn Island
Copyright: Andrew Randall Christian

Located deep in the South Pacific, half way between New Zealand and Peru, Pitcairn Island remains one of the most remote and undiscovered destinations in the world. Home to the descendants of the HMAV Bounty mutineers since 1790, an array of endemic flora and fauna and surrounded by pristine seas, Pitcairn offers the visitor a unique holiday experience.

Claymore II at Pitcairn Island
Copyright: Andrew Randall Christian

Shipping services are provided by Stoney Creek Shipping of New Zealand, who owns the 486-tonne cargo-passenger vessel, MV Claymore II. The quarterly service operates at least 8 round-trips per annum between Mangareva in French Polynesia and Pitcairn Island, allowing 4 or 11 day stays on the island. With increased demand for the service, there is potential to provide additional rotations each year.

Full details about travelling to Pitcairn Island and current sailing schedules available on the Pitcairn islands Tourism website visit

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