Saturday 23 May 2015

Meet the cruisers: Kathy and Steve

Kathy and Steve from Newcastle NSW aboard Star Clipper
One of the great things about about cruising on any ship is meeting new people.

Here on Star Clipper in the Aegean Sea, it's still possible to meet adventurous Aussies enjoying one of the great cruising playgrounds of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey.

Kathy and Steve are early retirees who sold their business near Newcastle and are now enjoying the fruits of their labour.

This active and energetic couple have made several cruises including P&O, Hurtigruten, Royal Caribbean and even a crewed yacht voyage in the Whitsundays. But it's this small ship variety that clearly appeals to them most.

"The Star Clipper experience is definitely a couple of rungs up the ladder from what we've done before," says Steve.

As is so often the case, Kathy is the one who will does the research and budgeting.

"I was looking for our next adventure and came across Star Clippers," says Kathy, "there was a bit of a deal being offered by the agent, so I rang them and locked it in. We are also extending with another small ship cruise in Croatia."

The pair are unanimous in their praise for Star Clipper's dining and activities programs. Even with a little more than 100 fellow guests, they say the extended time in ports delivers a real "seen there" experience as opposed to simply being there.

"Even though we are price conscious travellers," says Kathy,"we're more likely to go the small ship route in future. We don't feel we have to do exactly what our friends are doing and really travel to please ourselves."

And what's next on their adventure list?

"Oh, Antarctica for sure, we're just working out which ship offers the best package."

More converts to the fast-growing small ship cruise market. Happy sailing Kathy and Steve.

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