Tuesday 15 March 2016

Crystal announces new expedition vessel, Crystal Endeavor


by Aaron Saunders, Avidcruiser.com

Crystal President and CEO Edie Rodriguez announced the introduction of Crystal’s first luxury expedition megayacht, the Crystal Endeavor.

Debuting in August 2018, Crystal Endeavor was named after Captain James Cook’s HMS Endeavor, which discovered Australia and New Zealand over 250 years ago. It’s an appropriate designation, given that Crystal Endeavor will sail to some of the world’s most remote and unexplored places, including Antarctica and the Far Arctic. (EC editor notes that James Cook's vessel was spelled using British English: Endeavour)

“With Crystal Esprit, we discovered there are many guests, young and young at heart, who enjoy sports at sea and discovering remote islands, and as the interests and age of luxury travelers increasingly vary, we will continue to expand our collection of luxury travel options,” says Crystal president and CEO, Edie Rodriguez. “Luxury means something different to virtually everyone, and we strive to meet and exceed the wishes of the discerning modern luxury traveler. Crystal Endeavor will cater to a particularly daring audience, one who values luxurious comfort and amenities as much as life-changing adventures.”

The megayacht will be the first purpose-built Polar Code compliant yacht in the world with a PC6 Polar Class designation. Because of this, Crystal Endeavor will be able to cruise in the world’s Polar Regions during the summer and autumn in medium “first year” ice which may include old ice inclusions that other vessels typically can’t negotiate because of the risk it poses. Crystal Endeavor will also be fitted with the state-of-the-art offshore dynamic positioning technology, with computer-controlled systems to automatically maintain the ship’s position with its own propellers and thrusters. This will enable the megayacht to float atop coral reefs and other underwater wonders without utilizing anchors, which can damage the terrain or other underwater wonders in waters too deep for anchors.

In addition, Crystal Endeavor will also have a Remote Operated Vehicle – or ROV – which Crystal says it will send down to explore sunken wrecks, specifically mentioning the RMS Titanic, which lies on the floor of the Atlantic in 12,500 feet of water. Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 after striking an iceberg on her maiden voyage.

The 200-guest capacity Crystal Endeavor will offer extreme adventures by air, sea and land with a complete range of gadgets that includes two helicopters and two landing pads for flightseeing expeditions, as well as two, 7-person submarines, eight electric amphibious zodiacs, jet skis, wave runners, kayaks, fishing facilities, paddle boards, snorkeling and scuba equipment, recompression chamber, dive support tender and a multi-person ATV. To further deliver guest experiences distinct from any other expedition vessels,Crystal Endeavor will be equipped with SEABOBs – the world’s most technically advanced and powerful underwater scooter – that allows you to move gracefully underwater.

“Crystal Endeavor will absolutely set a new bar for expedition luxury travel,” says Rodriguez. “We have proven time and again that Crystal is the pioneer in luxury, and this megayacht will change the game entirely – the possibilities for expedition travelers will be virtually limitless.”

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