Thursday 23 February 2017

Five Top Reasons to join Aqua Mekong during the Spring and Summer cruise months

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Reason #1: STAY COOL – BE COOL

We live in a tropical paradise on the Mekong in Cambodia and southern Vietnam with higher temperatures ranging from between 26°C (78°F) and 38°C (100°F). In May, the refreshing afternoon rains begin cooling us down all the way until October when we transition into the low water season. Many of our guests tell us that Southeast Asia downpours are actually quite magical to experience and they love exploring the lush green landscapes they create as they bike or tuk tuk through the countryside on our daily excursions. We strategically time our afternoon excursions from Aqua Mekong so that, cocktail in hand, our guests can take in the timeless beauty of rain falling on the river while remaining comfortably dry on our covered skiffs. Guests can also kick back to the sound of a refreshing downpour while soaking in the only shaded plunge pool on board the cruise ships sailing the Mekong.


The Aqua Mekong is the only luxury cruise on this legendary waterway that sets sail during May. What better way to guarantee that you can have this iconic river all to yourself than by coming on a May Mekong cruise! Imagine watching the Mekong’s riverbanks transformed into luxuriant walls of tropical greenery from the exclusivity of our observation deck or the privacy of your on board suite… without another tourist in sight. Our guests who travel with us in the off season get to meet new Khmer and Vietnamese friends as they explore local temples and villages on our morning and afternoon excursions – instead of having to mingle with other visiting tourists. And when we visit our favourite museums and cultural spots in Phnom Penh, Saigon and Siem Reap, we welcome the absence of crowds.


At any time of year, the 300 plus cultural treasures of Cambodia’s temple complex at Angkor Wat and the idyllic island landscapes of Ha Long Bay are two of Earth’s most astonishing places to visit. And travelling to these south-east Asian destinations during the exceptionally lush and green season on the Mekong from May to August has even more advantages. Spring rains wash away the dry dust of country roadways, leaving visitors to explore history, culture and religious traditions surrounded by the emerald hues of this equatorial paradise. Between May and August, you might even have Angkor Wat almost completely to yourself, while its historic aquifers and reservoirs swell with fresh rainwater just as their Angkor builders intended. Back on board Aqua Mekong, you can also fully indulge your palate, since the months of May to August provide us with the maximum variety of fresh tropical fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Reason #4: LIFE IS A BEACH

For those “in the know”, the so-called rainy season is actually the optimal time to explore Cambodia. Tourists wise enough to take advantage of these quieter days can make the most of dry and bright daylight hours between May and August. After exploring the Mekong on our cruise, guests can indulge in beach-based activities including scuba diving and snorkelling or taking a sampan ride to the Cham Islands. The water is warm so grab that towel, kick back and relax.


Finding quality time to spend with your family is more and more challenging but on an Aqua Mekong cruise, you will experience fun activities, delicious local specialties your children will love, learning about different cultures and plenty of downtime to relax and just share a laugh.

Aqua Expeditions was the first adventure travel company to introduce five-star luxury cruises on the Amazon River in Peru and on the Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia. CEO, Francesco Galli Zugaro, founded Aqua Expeditions to cater to discerning, adventure travellers seeking to explore remote and culturally important destinations for luxury voyages on the world’s greatest rivers. Aqua Expeditions’ 16-suite Aria Amazon vessel entered service in 2011, a creation of Peruvian designer, Jordi Puig and featuring floor to ceiling windows, jacuzzi, gym, sundeck and the haute Peruvian cuisine of Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. In October 2014, Aqua Expeditions expanded to Indochina with the launch of the Aqua Mekong with 20 design suites, sailing the historic Mekong River between Cambodia and Vietnam.

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