Friday 1 March 2019

Peregrine Adventures new expeditions to Antarctica

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  • Peregrine will double carbon offsets on all of it Antarctica expeditions
  • Lowest lead in prices starting at $7090, making Antarctica accessible for all
  • Wellness comes to the fore with frozen yoga that turns Bikram on its head

Peregrine Adventures today launched new expeditions to Antarctica that will benefit both travellers and the environment.

Peregrine Adventures’ Antarctica Expeditions aboard the Ocean Endeavour will continue the company’s focus on sustainable and experiential style of cruising.

“We want the journey to Antarctica to be life changing, not earth changing,” says Brett Mitchell, Regional Director of Asia Pacific for Peregrine Adventures.

Peregrine has a strong focus on sustainability, serving only sustainably-sourced seafood, avoiding single-use plastics and using biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaning products onboard.

Peregrine carbon offsets all land trips, Adventure Cruises and Polar expeditions, and these new voyages will see Peregrine double the carbon offsets on behalf of all customers.

“Antarctica reminds its visitors of just how small our planet is and how interconnected we are. Our travellers leave inspired to do more to protect the environment and we want to play our part by doubling our carbon offsets on each voyage,” said Mitchell, who has just returned from Antarctica himself.

The Ocean Endeavour carries 199 travellers and has a range of accommodation options, including single cabins.

With an impressive ratio of one crew member to eight travellers to reflect the Peregrine small group style of travel, travellers will have the chance to explore the White Continent on a range of optional activities with specialised guides such as sea kayaking, snowshoeing, photography tours and even ice-camping.

But it’s the opportunity to completely switch off that’s attracting a new type of traveller to the world’s last frontier.

Nature as a prescription has been a growing trend and Antarctica may be the ultimate medication for travellers who need to reset in the most pristine environment on earth.

“We want to ensure that not only do we protect the environment, we inspire travellers as well and these trips will emphasise personal reflection and offer yoga on the ship, where travellers can completely switch off in this pristine destination.”

Mitchell said yoga in Antarctica will turn bikram yoga on its head by offering the popular wellness movement as the ship sails through below zero temperatures.

He went on to say, starting October 2020, the Peregrine charters will make the polar experience more accessible than ever with a lead-in price of AUD$7090.

“Experiencing Antarctica is one of the greatest travel experiences and it shouldn’t be exclusively for the wealthy,” said Mitchell.

To celebrate the launch, Peregrine held a panellist event where travel and polar experts come together to discuss whether Antarctica is the ‘ultimate last frontier’. Geoff Manchester, co-Founder of Intrepid Group, was joined on the panel by adventurer Paul Hameister, writer and photographer Liz Carlson, Rachael Robertson who led a year-long journey in the region and David ‘Dutch Willmott, a polar expedition leader in the region.

The five panel members shared their travel stories from a personal perspective with Rachael Robertson, Speaker, author and Antarctic expedition leader, saying:

"Antarctica is life-changing. The honour of visiting a place so pristine, untouched and precious; a place that remains exactly as it should be, opens you up to a world of possibilities. The sheer scale of the continent is endless and absolutely inspiring,” said Rachael Robertson speaker, author and Antarctic expedition leader.

“It will take your breath away at every turn, and forever hold a piece of your heart. It did for me,” Robertson added.

Robertson also added that the physical and mental challenges taught her to become more aware of her thoughts and surroundings in addition to honing her leadership and team building skills.

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Peregrine Adventures has launched their new expeditions to Antarctica from 2020 and beyond. 

They include the following highlights:

Christmas in Antarctica: During the festive season this 11-day voyage takes guests to explore a wonderful region at the its wildlife most active time. Celebrate Christmas by spotting penguins, seals and whales. This voyage also offers kayaking, photography masterclasses, onboard yoga and massages. Guests also have the chance to camp out overnight to truly get amongst the polar elements. Prices start from $8,490

New Year in Antarctica: The 11-day voyage is a once in a lifetime party, where guests will bring in the New Year in the world’s final frontier. Guests will see adelie, chinstrap and gentoo penguins, or spot minke and humpback whales from the deck. Exploration is important, but so is relaxation - guests can enjoy the ship’s health and wellness offerings including a heated saltwater pool, sauna and gym. Prices start from $8,490

Antarctic Whale Journey: This 10-day voyage is the complete whale spotting experience in a region rich with humpback whales. When whales are spotted, the crew launch zodiacs allowing guests to get as close as possible and perhaps even witness the magnificent creatures breaching out of the water. This is peak whale season so sightings of other species like minke, orca and even the mighty Blue Whale are a possibility. Prices start from $7,090

Best of Antarctica: This 11-day voyage will explore extraordinary islands around the Antarctic peninsula, making for spectacular viewing as the state-of-the-art-vessel navigates its way through the Drake Passage. Travellers will feel as if they have entered another world where silence is broken by cracking glaciers, humpback whales and orcas. Prices start from $7,090

Discover Antarctica: This 10-day voyage showcases absolute comfort, all while exploring the uncharted Antarctic peninsula. Experts in Antarctica's history, geography, marine biology, glaciology and wildlife will be leaders for all travellers on this trip. This expedition is a must for those wanting to learn and get an authentic experience in this ‘Great White Continent.’ Prices start from $7,090

Journey to the Antarctic Circle: This 14-day voyage will conquer some of the harshest conditions in the world, whilst guests laze in comfort. Guests will be taken to the southernmost regions in the world to see alpine glaciers and ginormous icebergs. Animal-lovers will have the opportunity to see the rare sight of seals floating on the ice floe, a sight not many people forget. Prices start from $10,995

Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Odyssey: This three-week voyage is the ultimate polar expedition where guests will have an in-depth and complete Antarctic experience. Experts will provide guests with a first-hand story of Ernest Shackleton’s Elephant Islands ordeal, a British explorer who ventured to the area at the turn of the 20th century. This trip will fulfil the senses and intellect, as there is an expert leader for every eight guests onboard. Prices start from $17,995

Falkland Islands Discovery: This 10-day journey explores a land settled and claimed by France, Spain, Britain and Argentina, at various points in history. This remote island chain is home to a number of penguin species, huge albatross breeding colonies, resilient locals, plenty of sheep and even a huge collection of vintage Landrovers. Prices start from $6,555

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