Tuesday 8 June 2021

Introducing Strannik Ocean Voyages

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Strannik Ocean Voyages was formed by New Zealand-based adventurer, naturalist, historian and author Rodney Russ after he passed the ownership and management of his previous company Heritage Expeditions to his sons in 2018. 

Rodney Russ
In his 33 years in expedition travel, he led hundreds of expeditions to the Sub Antarctic Islands, Antarctica's Ross Sea region, the SW Pacific and in recent years the Russian Far East. He witnessed many changes in the industry, some of them good, others like the move to significantly larger ships was, he believes detrimental to both the industry and the environment.

His answer was to build a genuine expedition yacht. MV Strannik (Strannik is a Russian word which translates as 'pilgrim' or 'wanderer') was launched in 2019 and has sailed to Wrangel Island in support of a BBC documentary team and was working on a cetacean survey in Papua New Guinea when Covid-19 forced them to NZ.

While in NZ it is offering expeditions to Stewart Island, Fiordland and Marlborough Sounds. Each departure is limited to 8 persons (plus crew). Participants are accommodated in 4 twin share (or double) cabins each with private facilities. The goal is to put “Expedition” back into Expedition Travel, with multiple landings every day with options of extended hikes and exploration. Smaller groups translate into greater opportunities both on board and ashore for everybody. The vessel is also available for charter and is finding a niche for families and friends who want to have some input into their expeditions. Birders and photographers have also discovered it.

Details of the NZ expeditions can be found at http://strannikoceanvoyages.com or emailing Rodney@strannikoceanvoyages.com. Post Covid-19 we plan to head north again. You're invited to sign up for the newsletter on the web site.

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