Tuesday 20 July 2021

Adventure Canada Hoping for 2022 expedition cruise resumption

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“The next time that we anticipate being out on the water is down in Antarctica next January,” said the CEO of Adventure Canada Cedar Swan, according to 2021 Expedition Market Report by Cruise Industry News.

The cruise line has not sailed a single voyage since March 2020, when the Canadian government suspended cruising. The ban, imposed because of the pandemic, had been repeatedly extended – the last time through the end of 2021.

“We have some new and exciting programs that we're looking at launching in 2022. And we have lots of time now to plan that and get that all organized,” she added.

Adventure Canada operates primarily in the North Atlantic.

“We have a core of Canadian Arctic and Greenland programs. Each spring and early summer, we alternate between Western Europe – specifically Scottish Isles, Faroes, Iceland and Greenland – and every other year Atlantic Canada,” Swan said.

The Canadian Arctic is “always” the most popular destination among guests, according to Swan. The Northwest Passage and Arctic itineraries have been selling well, too.

“We've expanded the High Arctic explorer programs, which is like an introductory to the Arctic program. It's 11 days instead of the longer Northwest Passage, and it gives all of the highlights – it's an extremely popular program,” Swan said.

“Another program that is always popular – and we're seeing that continue – is our Newfoundland circumnavigation. We've expanded our offering in that region, and it remains hugely popular. People love to circumnavigate things,” she added.

Adventure Canada is family-friendly, but most of its passengers are in the older age groups. The majority are couples or friends traveling together. Under 30 percent are solo travelers.

“The time span of our programs, as well as the price point, does tend to attract people that are recently retired. But we are seeing more of multi-generational travel and, that’s why, we’ve got some promotions like our 30 under 30 that help,” Swan said.

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