Tuesday 6 June 2023

Statement from UnCruise Adventures re: Wilderness Discoverer Engine Room Fire

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Safety and Response Prioritized, No Injuries from Engine Room Fire on Wilderness Discoverer Vessel in Glacier Bay National Park

Small Ship Cruise Line, UnCruise Adventures Confirms No Injuries from Passengers and Crew from an Early Morning Engine Room Fire

UnCruise Adventures, a leading provider of small ship adventure cruise experiences, today confirmed a fire incident, contained to the engine room on the Wilderness Discoverer vessel while in Glacier Bay National Park. The incident occurred at 7:23 a.m. Alaska time, June 5th, while seventy-eight passengers and crew were onboard.

“We are relieved to confirm that there have been no injuries resulting from the fire. Our highly trained crew promptly extinguished the fire using established emergency protocols, and CO2 was successfully deployed for everyone's safety,” shares company Owner & CEO, Captain Dan Blanchard.

In adherence to our commitment to environmental responsibility, we have conducted thorough assessments, and we are pleased to report that there are currently no discernible environmental impacts within the affected area. Local and federal authorities have been promptly notified, and we are working closely with them to ensure a coordinated response in the area.

To facilitate the seamless transfer of passengers, additional vessels from the area immediately assisted with disembarking fifty-one passengers and seventeen crew from the Wilderness Discoverer, with ten crew remaining onboard. Our priority is to ensure the safety of all affected guests during this transition. Every effort is being made to minimize any inconvenience caused by the incident. The cruise line will be providing full refunds to all passengers affected by the incident and providing hotels and flights home for those affected. Our commitment to our guests' satisfaction remains unwavering, and our crew is working with guests and authorities to ensure expedited care.

The cause of the engine room fire is yet to be determined and an investigation is currently underway to determine the cause. We will actively cooperate with the authorities and conduct a thorough assessment.

UnCruise Adventures extends its gratitude to the swift response of emergency personnel and acknowledges the professionalism and composure demonstrated by our crew throughout this challenging situation. We are continuing to monitor this and will provide timely updates as new information becomes available to keep all stakeholders informed as the situation progresses.

Update: 9 June 2023

 UnCruise Adventures, a small ship cruise line, announces significant progress in addressing the recent engine room fire aboard the Wilderness Discoverer, which occurred Monday, June 5th. The safety and well-being of all guests and crew continue to be the company's utmost priority. It remains that no injuries resulted from the fire or subsequent transfer of guests and crew. Vigor shipyard in Ketchikan, Alaska will facilitate the vessel's repair process.  

The vessel has gone through inspections by regulators, underwriters, and the company's internal safety team.  The fire was limited due to the speedy action of the captain and crew. The port main engine wet exhaust mufflers were the source of the heat/fire. The area damaged by heat is the size of a small chest freezer and contained between two deep frames on the port side of the engine room. Outside of this relatively small area, the damage is primarily from smoke and soot. The company’s dedicated team is working diligently to expedite the repair process, aiming to restore the vessel to its optimal condition. The repairs are being carried out with the utmost care and precision, adhering to the company’s focus on safety. 

In response to the incident, UnCruise Adventures implemented a comprehensive plan to ensure the smooth continuation of guests' adventure experiences. Additionally, the company will re-accommodate all guests scheduled for upcoming weeks of adventures aboard the Wilderness Discoverer, as needed.  The guests will enjoy a seamless adventure on a similar vessel. UnCruise Adventures remains fully committed to ensuring the safety, security, and satisfaction of its valued guests and crew. “We deeply appreciate the understanding and patience demonstrated by our guests during this period. Our team is working tirelessly to minimize any inconvenience caused by the incident and to provide alternative arrangements that maintain the exceptional level of adventure and exploration that UnCruise Adventures is known for.” shares Owner & CEO, Captain Dan Blanchard. 

The company would like to express its sincere gratitude for the support and kind words they have received from guests and travel advisors. Their feedback is invaluable and motivates them to continue providing the highest standards of service and care. 

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