Wednesday 13 September 2023

[updated] Ocean Explorer runs aground in Greenland

#expeditioncruising .

Reports are that Ocean Explorer, under charter to Australian cruise operator Aurora Expeditions, while Aurora's ship, the Greg Mortimer, undergoes repairs, has run aground on Monday in Alpefjord in a national park some 1400 km northeast of Greenland's capital Nuuk. [Current position]

According to information posted by Denmark's Joint Arctic Command (JAC), the Inifinty-class ice-class vessel carrying 206 people has run aground in remote eastern Greenland with the nearest help by sea days away.

At time of writing, there are no reports of injury or damage, either to the vessel or the environment.

[update] the vessel has been pulled free and will sail to the closet port for a technical examination

Follow updates on the recovery at JAC Facebook page. Image: Danish Air Force/Arctic Command

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