Sunday 24 March 2024

From On Board Reef Prince: Fish On!

"I'm on!" comes the cry from Polly, as the tip of the fishing rod bends violently towards the water. It's a big fish and Polly, all 63 kilograms of him, strains at the reel as the prize catch tries to pull him into the turbid waters.

As flashes of silver and gold glint just below the surface, the net is quickly deployed to secure the fish lest he escapes or the ravenous sharks deprive Polly of his victory. With the catch secured, we can relax and cheer on his triumph.

Any angler worth their salt will tell you the Kimberley is a gold medal location for fishers with such prize species as snapper, trout, mangrove jack, salmon and, of course, that king among Kimberley fish, the mighty barramundi.

Even with all the modern tools of the 21st-century angler like fish-finding sonar and GPS, patience is still a virtue and the skill of hooking a fish undiminished, just that here on a Kimberley Cruise you're odds-on for a feed.

Back aboard Reef Prince, the other passengers are gathered around the railings, peering in anticipation as our tender is tied up.

"What's for dinner?" they enquire in unison.

About two hours fishing has netted eight fish, mainly excellent-sized golden snapper which will be gratefully received by our French chef, Gigi, who has already demonstrated his versatility with whatever is brought aboard.

Not all vessels operating in the Kimberley offer fishing as an option, but the smaller ones make a point of it and I'm always keen to refresh my angling skills, as modest as they are.

Reef Prince at Broome (RE)

I'm aboard the 36-passenger Reef Prince, the sole vessel of Kimberley Expeditions, for their 12-day Broome to Darwin itinerary.

For more details on cruising in the Kimberley, contact Kimberley Expeditions

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