Tuesday 9 April 2024

Swan Hellenic Cruise Guests Among First to Experience 2024 Total Solar Eclipse


Guests aboard Swan Hellenic's boutique expedition cruise ship SH Diana were among the first in the world to witness the 2024 total eclipse of the sun. Grouped in the comfort of spacious decks, they enjoyed an immersive private experience with open views across the Gulf of California.

Yesterday at just past 11 o'clock PDT, as the Swan Hellenic boutique expedition cruise ship SH Diana was sailing down the Gulf of California, it's lucky guests were immersed in one of the longest total solar eclipses in recent years. At approximately 4 minutes and 25 seconds, today's total eclipse was almost double that of The Great American Eclipse of 21 August 2017, and the last visible from the USA until 2044. What's more, SH Diana's guests were quite possibly the first people in the world to see it.

Paul D. Maley of the NASA Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society has been accompanying guests throughout the cruise and was on deck with them again this morning to offer insights and pointers. Also there was Dr. Michael Shara of the American Museum of Natural History, who previously gave an expert talk so guests could experience the moment in even greater depth. Dr. Shara has also socialized with guests throughout their cruise in the Swan Hellenic tradition.

Marking the occasion, CNN interviewed Paul D. Maley aboard SH Diana on the day itself. You can download the full interview here.

The eclipse occurred on the seventh day of a sellout 8-night cultural expedition cruise from Acapulco to La Paz (Pichilingue). At the time, SH Diana was sailing from Isla San José, in Espiritu Santo National Park, to the uninhabited Isla Las Animas, famous for its vibrant coral reefs, sea caves and mini fjords.

Paul D. Maley of the NASA Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society comments: "What a fantastic experience! I've now been privileged to see 84 eclipses of the sun, but this one was by far the longest and most awesome. Experiencing it from the sea put it in a class of its own!"

Swan Hellenic CEO Andrea Zito adds: "It's been a pleasure to offer our guests this very special private eclipse experience in the waters of the Gulf of California. And for them to have perhaps been the first in the world to see it! We always aim for Swan Hellenic guests to see what others don't."

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