Friday 14 June 2024

Aqua Expeditions: Banda Secrets

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A rich tapestry of history and culture, the Spice Islands beckon with aromas of nutmeg and clove. Today, it’s as if time has stood still across this remarkable region, where relics of colonial Dutch forts continue to decorate the pristine landscapes. Alongside their remarkable history – of conquests and spice wars – the Spice Islands present a tropical Eden with rugged volcanic peaks draped in landscapes of emerald rainforests. Off the coast, azure blue waters harbor the Marine Superhighway, aptly named given the wealth of marine life found here.

Aqua Blu sails the Spice Islands this October and November with 7N sailings exploring the hidden gems of this uncharted region. Our season of spice will also feature exclusive cross-destination sailings in September and December with 12N expeditions covering both the Spice Islands and Raja Ampat.

On board these sailings, guests will have the opportunity to uncover the secrets of the Banda Sea and partake in the centuries-old 'hands to bathe' ritual while floating over depths which stretch for thousands of meters. There’ll also be a chance to witness a ceremonial greeting by the iconic Kora Kora war canoes — impressive vessels that have graced these waters since before the 1600s, carrying on an ancient seafaring legacy.

As we head over to Raja Ampat, witness majestic Reef and Oceanic Manta Rays and float with stingless moon jellyfish in a hidden crater lake. Revel in incredible sundowners, basking in the glow of Indonesia’s golden hour — the perfect ending to adventure-filled days.

The luxurious 15-suite Aqua Blu promises an indulgent experience featuring world-class cuisine by Benjamin Cross, an exclusive 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio, and social spaces including a jacuzzi, spa, sundeck, and sky lounge. 

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