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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Coral Expeditions float-out of new flagship Coral Adventurer

Successful float-out event with ship's build on schedule for inaugural departure

Coral Expeditions officially launched their new vessel, Coral Adventurer, into the ocean on 8th December 2018.

The float out ceremony, which involved two days of relocating the vessel from yard onto the floating dock, was a key milestone for Australia's pioneering cruise line, Coral Expeditions.

"Excitement was at a real high with Coral Adventurer now officially in the water and her delivery drawing nearer," says Mark Fifield, Group General Manager Coral Expeditions.

"To date, the construction project has involved expertise from across the world with over 800 workers involved. We were delighted to be joined by over 200 shipyard staff who celebrated this special moment with us, for whom Coral Adventurer build has been a labour of love over the past 11 months."

Also at hand were specialists and designers involved in the installation of all interior furnishings including the wood panelling, feature stonework, stateroom fit out and the ship's public areas.

With her build firmly on track and on time, Coral Expeditions expect no delays preparing their fourth vessel for her sold-out maiden voyage in April 2019.

Sea trials will commence in February, handover in late March, followed by shakedown cruises in April. Her official launch will be celebrated in Singapore on April 23rd 2019 before she enters service on her first 18-night departure 'In the trail of Tasman'.

The vessel will then arrive for the first time in Australian waters for an official welcome in Darwin on May 13th 2019.

The 120-passenger Coral Adventurer has been specially designed by Coral Expeditions, marrying the company's 34 years of experience building and operating expedition ships with the latest advances in marine and environmental technology.

The ship's lightweight dual Xplorer expedition tenders, a trademark feature of all Coral Expeditions vessels, will extend the capabilities of the ship by allowing fast transit for all passengers with open views on shore excursions and deeper exploration into rivers and beaches. A new multi-purpose space, the Barralong Room, will host interpretive activities and projects that connect guests in an engaging format throughout their voyage experience.

Fifield continues: "Coral Adventurer has received a positive response from the market with extremely strong forward bookings and charter interest," said Fifield. "We have had an overwhelming response to the recently launched 60 day 35th Anniversary Circumnavigation of Australia, which is nearing capacity after only two weeks in the market and this instils great confidence amongst our team and stakeholders to action further fleet development into the future."

Pic: Senior Management and project team from Coral Expeditions attend floating ceremony for Coral Adventurer (L to R: Paul Chacko – Executive Director, Tamara Sweeting – Hospitality Manager, Alistair Burgoyne – Director, Perry Wilkes – Finance Director, Frank Krone – Newbuild Project Manager, Gary Wilson – Senior Master, Michael Marson – Marine Superintendent, Jeff Gillies – Commercial Director, Mark Fifield – Group General Manager, Doug Parker – Fleet Engineer and Gary Wyn-Hum – Purchasing Manager)

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

PONANT’s new ship LE LAPEROUSE exploring the Kimberley in 2019 and 2020

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Brochure just released

2019 is the inaugural Kimberley season for the first of six new Explorer class ships currently under construction for PONANT, and the attraction of visiting this pristine wilderness onboard the most eco-sensitive of vessels in the region is an attractive proposition.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

From aboard National Geographic Venture: Catalina Island: Swinging with Frankie from Avalon

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From aboard National Geographic Venture
Itinerary: From Southern California to Baja: Sailing the Pacific Coast

Day 2: Catalina Island: Swinging with Frankie from Avalon

Frankie from Avalon, the maestro of swing dancing (RE)

“At 14 I discovered swing-dancing and I've been swinging ever since,” the self-assured 70-something gent tells us. He's clearly something of a hit with the ladies too and insists on dancing with every one, claiming he can teach them to swing dance in 20 seconds.

The famous casino at Avalon was constructed by chewing-gum magnate William Wrigley, Jr. as part of a massive infrastructure upgrade after he took controlling interest in the island in 1919. In fact the whole island, in particular the main settlement of Avalon, is pretty much a legacy of to this man. Completed in 1929, the largest building on the island stands as tall as a 12-story block and contains an ornate, acoustically perfect movie theatre with a massive pipe organ, the largest circular hardwood dance floor in the world in its ballroom and is covered with murals by John Gabriel Beckman. Interestingly the structure also serves as a civil defence shelter and contains stores and provisions for two weeks.

The Casino as seen from across the harbor. (RE)

However you look at it, Santa Catalina Island (or just Catalina) is certainly one of the more unusual cruise ship ports. It has a casino where gambling is banned, a herd of bison left behind after a film was shot, almost no cars and was a secret training base in WWII. The main town, Avalon, sees 1 million visitors annually and has a Third Street but no First or Second Streets, the Post Office doesn’t deliver the mail and the local cabs deliver for Avalon’s pizzerias.

Rush hour in Avalon. Golf carts are the preferredmode of transport. (RE)

Catalina's connection with Hollywood glitterati is well-documented. The little town of just over 3000 residents is like its own time-warp movie set. It’s been the setting for over 200 movies and associated with names like Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Mickey Rooney, Clark Gable, Doris Day, Natalie Wood (who drowned in mysterious circumstances) and Phil Hartman (who was murdered by his wife), while top name musicians Jimmy Dorsey, Woody Herman, Harry James and Benny Goodman regularly played at the casino.

In fact one of our beach landings took place at Little Harbor where the MGM art department built an entire Tahitian village for the 1935 big budget production of 'Mutiny on the Bounty' and planted specially imported palm trees and tropical grass. It was somewhat surreal to wander the paths once walked by Clark Gable and Charles Laughton.

Cinema history: Palms planted for the 1935 epic, 'Mutiny on the Bounty' at Little Harbor (RE)

Little Harbor was also once home to the Pimu Tongva people for some 8000 years until the Spanish landed in 1542 and things went steadily downhill for them until only scattered genetic traces now exist.

Our journey continues south to Baja California and Mexico.

For more information on Lindblad – National Geographic journeys, see

Saturday, 8 December 2018

From aboard National Geographic Venture: The Mysterious Channel Islands of California

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Brand new: National Geographic Venture at anchor off Santa Rosa (RE)

While some like to refer to them as California's Galapagos on account of the world's cutest little fox (Urocyon littoralisand its six subspecies, the Galapagos connection is pretty thin thereafter.

The Channel Islands were formed by uplift as opposed to volcanic and were connected to each other as recently as 15,000 or so years ago leaving around 140 endemic species of plant and animal behind. They were once as close as just a few miles from the mainland, making it much easier for life to arrive by the 'wind, wings and water' method of biological dispersal.

Santa Rosa Island is about 42kms off the California Coast

On top of that, their history of human presence extends right across their existence, first with the Chumash and Tongva Native Americans, then the Spanish, then the current US Americans mainly through ranching and military.

The best known of all the islands is in the Southern Group, Santa Catalina, or just Catalina which has a permanent population of around 4000 mainly in the resort town of Avalon.

On our first day ashore on the inaugural voyage of Lindblad Expedition – National Geographic's brand new vessel and sister ship to last year's NG Quest, the National Geographic Venture, is here on Santa Rosa in the northern sector. This former ranch has had all non-native mammals removed or eradicated including pig, elk and cattle and a program of conservation and rehabilitation begun by the US National Park Service.

Channel Island Fox recently removed from the endangered list (Chuck Graham)

A campground has been established and hiking is one of the favoured recreational pursuits along with kayaking. Even so, visitation to the islands generally is still pretty limited, Santa Rosa in particular.

Hikers descend from Cherry Canyon on Santa Rosa Island (RE)

Groups set out on their own with some choosing a relatively demanding hike to see the rare Torrey Pine trees, while I joined a group for a moderate climb and hike around Cherry Canyon. We spotted a couple of the island's endemic birds and even caught a glimpse of the elusive fox which weighs just 4kgs and stands about 30cm high – just 25 per cent of the mainland grey fox it is descended from.

As something of an expedition-head myself, it's the in-depth interpretation by qualified experts (with human communication skills) that appeals to me most about Lindblad. The recent spike in interest in expedition travel has enabled Lindblad to embark on a substantial fleet expansion and the 100-guest NG Venture (as a follow up to NG Quest last year) completes this pair for use on West Coast, Alaska, Mexico and Caribbean itineraries.

Our journey continues south to Catalina Island and Mexico.

For more information on Lindblad – National Geographic journeys, see

Thursday, 6 December 2018

New shore excursions from Silversea for Cuba

With Silversea's trademark destination expertise, the shore excursions will take guests closer to Cuba's authentic beauty

Ultra-luxury cruise leader, Silversea, unveils a collection of 34 shore excursions, carefully designed for its new 16-voyage Cuba collection for 2019 and 2020. Taking guests closer to the authentic natural beauty and amazing cultural and historical treasures of the Caribbean island nation, the onshore experiences in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Cienfuegos will provide immersion into the local way of life. Enhancing the cruise experience, the shore excursions will showcase the most important attractions in and around each city with Silversea's trademark destination expertise.

"We are pleased to launch a diverse array of tailor-made experiences that will enable our guests to travel deeper in order to discover and appreciate a land seemingly frozen in time, yet filled with awe-inspiring scenery, extraordinary people, and a vibrant culture," says Adria Bono, Silversea's Director of Shore Excursions.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Encounter of Le Ponant and Le Champlain in the Cape Verde Islands

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At the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Africa and South America, in the heart of the Cape Verde islands, Le Ponant, the company's emblematic yacht that has been sailing the world for nearly thirty years, sails by Le Champlain, the latest jewel in the PONANT EXPLORERS series, that recently left its shipyard in Sovik, Norway, on 27 September 2018.

One is the guardian of a secret heritage known only to her guests and the sea. The other has a promising future as a pioneer for great explorations. Past, present and future meet in this symbolic moment for the company. Two routes, two destinations, but a shared destiny.

“This is a very powerful image for the company, telling its entire story in one photograph: our beginnings and our future, a combination of the maritime tradition that is so important to us and the cutting-edge technology, elegance and audacity that allow us to continue to pursue our dream,” said Jean Emmanuel Sauvée, PONANT CEO.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov sails again - with Heritage Expeditions

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Heritage Expeditions we will be operating world-renowned Russian icebreaker and former research vessel Kapitan Khlebnikov for three of their Wrangel Island expeditions.

(c) Sam Crimmin

The addition of Kapitan Khlebnikov to Heritage Expeditions’ fleet provides an unrivalled platform for High Arctic exploration combining the exceptional navigation capabilities of Kapitan Khlebnikov with their intrepid expedition programs and experienced team.

This peerless, authentic polar-class icebreaker holds the passenger ship record for the most crossings of the Northwest Passage and has famously circumnavigated Antarctica – twice. Built in 1981 by Finland’s Wärtsilä Company and one of four Kapitan Sorokin-class icebreakers, Kapitan Khlebnikov wraps comfortable surrounds in a formidable, ice-reinforced vessel capable of breaking ice as thick as two metres. Powered by 24,000 horsepower diesel-electric engines, she is designed for conquering the harshest conditions and allows the next-level experiential exploration Heritage Expeditions is renowned for.

Recently refurbished, Kapitan Khlebnikov comfortably accommodates up to 110 guests in well-appointed and spacious cabins and suites all featuring large windows that can be opened and en-suite facilities. Common areas include large open decks, two dining rooms, a digitally equipped theatre-style lecture room, heated indoor pool, sauna, gymnasium, fully-stocked library, bar, lounge and four-person elevator.

While the surrounds might be new, Heritage Expeditions' legacy as a family-owned and operated expedition company continues to grow with a team of world-renowned naturalists, botanists, historians and experts on hand to interpret the natural and human history discovered during your voyage, as well as hosting regular lectures, presentations and opportunities for experiential learning. Similarly, voyagers aboard Kapitan Khlebnikov will continue to enjoy our signature, gourmet cuisine alongside a premium selection of New Zealand wines.

Guests can enjoy exceptional views from the bridge, via the open bridge policy, deck and various viewing areas around this remarkable vessel, while a fleet of 10 Zodiacs manned by an experienced expedition team ensures maximum time for ice exploration.

Download PDF flyer

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Kimberley swansong for Silver Discoverer

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To mark her final season in the region, Silversea is offering a series of unforgettable voyages through the majestic Kimberley region on board Silver Discoverer in 2019. Guests booking by 30 November 2018 will also receive complimentary economy roundtrip air or business class fares for just AUD$699 each way per person, plus complimentary transfers between airport and ship.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic new Epic Antarctica itinerary aboard National Geographic Endurance

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Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has announced an additional voyage for the newest addition to its fleet, National Geographic Endurance. Slated for delivery in 2020, the 126-guest vessel is the first new polar build in the line’s history.

Following her inaugural season voyaging the Arctic in 2020, National Geographic Endurance will depart on a new and unique itinerary that explores the seventh continent with two departures only. The voyage will explore where few humans have been before and will discover four stunning wilderness regions, from the Peninsula to the Ross Sea and New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic Islands. Lindblad Expedition’s Epic Antarctica itinerary is a 34-day expedition starting from AUD$61,000, departing on 27 December 2020 and 26 January 2021, with the second departure date operating in reverse.

In the company of a renowned expedition team, guests will witness the big ice of remote West Antarctica; prolific wildlife and impressive ice shelf of the Ross Sea region; and the sub-Antarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia, World Heritage sites for the thousands of seals and millions of penguins here, including huge colonies of king penguins and the endemic royal penguin. This is wilderness and wildlife at its finest, with Lindblad given special permission to explore strictly regulated islands, which are protected at the highest level of conservation status by the New Zealand government. Following in the footsteps of Scott, Ross, Amundsen and Shackleton, perhaps only a few thousand people in the history of the planet have ever made this voyage.

The new National Geographic Endurance will be in full expedition mode exploring West Antarctica, granting thrilling opportunities to crunch through thick ice and explore places few have seen.

National Geographic Endurance is a next-generation expedition ship, purpose-built for polar navigation. A fully stabilised, highly strengthened, ice-class Polar Code PC5 (Category A) vessel, it is designed to navigate polar passages year-round and safely explore unchartered waters, while providing exceptional comfort. Its patented X-BOW® is key to its design; its powerful wave-slicing action provides an extremely smooth ride in even adverse conditions and even reduces spray on deck, for superior observation. She carries a full suite of expedition tools and offers a variety of experience-enhancing amenities.

For more information visit

Agents can call the dedicated team on 1300 363 055 or order brochures at

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Ponant Le Soleal cancels departure due to incident in Chile

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UPDATE: "The charter cruises due to depart on November 30 and December 10 have been cancelled, in addition to the November 20 cruise as previously announced," the line confirmed in a statement. "All guests have been contacted and are being looked after by the company and the charterers. The ship will be back in service on December 20, 2018."

The expeditionary and exploratory nature of adventure cruising means that vessels will often explore areas with little or no maritime traffic. Sometimes charts are complete sometimes they are not. The Kirke Passage in Chile's scenic south is a region attracting more expedition cruise companies and Ponant have been sailing in that region for at least five years.

Even when under the guidance of a local pilot, accidents can happen as was the case with Ponant's Le Soleal.

Kirke Passage in Chile (source)

Read full report at Cruise Critic

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Adventure World Travel launches Lindblad Expeditions 2019-20 Explorations Collection

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Dan Coleman (Lindblad Expeditions Account Manager), Ryan Kendall (Lindblad Expeditions Product Manager), Maya Santangelo (Lindblad Expeditions’ Naturalist), Neil Rodgers (Adventure World Travel, MD)

On Tuesday evening, the Australian National Maritime Museum played host to the much-anticipated launch of Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic’s 2019-20 Explorations brochure, also revealing the release of National Geographic Endurance, the world’s most advanced expedition vessel, due to launch in 2020.

Neil Rodgers, Managing Director of Adventure World Travel, welcomed media and trade partners in the Tasman Light Gallery where guests caught a glimpse of the ‘Unbroken Lines of Resilience: feathers, fibre and shells’ exhibit. Celebrating NAIDOC 2018, the exhibition features Australia’s most renowned Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, experts in their fields of weaving and shell stringing.

Special guest, Maya Santangelo, Lindblad Expeditions’ Naturalist and Expedition Diver, was also in attendance sharing her passion for exploration and understanding of ocean life with guests. Maya spoke of her experiences as a marine biologist and professional dive guide and instructor, combining her passions for science communication and diving, whilst sharing her love for the underwater world with Lindblad Expeditions guests.

Commenting on the release of the National Geographic Endurance, Neil stated: “Lindblad Expeditions’ science and explorations are more vibrant than ever. And while discovering new continents is no longer possible, Lindblad Expeditions’ ships can still help guests discover what’s in them. The National Geographic Endurance will be the world’s most advanced expedition vessel, where travellers will explore unchartered waters in exceptional comfort.”

To further celebrate the launch of the Explorations collection, Lindblad Expeditions has launched a special offer where travellers can bring a child or grandchild to Alaska on select departures for 50% off, and second child for FREE as well as an all-inclusive offer including FREE bar and crew tips.

*Conditions apply.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Scenic Eclipse inaugural sailing delayed again

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In a statement released today, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours announced that the first sailing date for Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yacht, has been amended to 13 April 2019.

Still image from construction video dated October 2018 (Scenic)

Due to the continuing financial issues at Uljanik shipyard and the resultant strike by specialist engine and systems commissioning workers, this part of the ship's completion has been delayed.

Scenic has been in constant contact with the shipyard, workers representatives and the Government to ensure the completion of the ship as soon as possible. Due to those efforts, more than 600 workers are still on board each weekday. The progress on the ship’s interiors and other areas of the final build stage have seen far less impact from the industrial action, and continue to progress at good pace.

The specialist commissioning team returned to work progressively last week however it will not be possible to catch up the six weeks’ time lost due to strikes in this area. Scenic acknowledges the regrettable impact this has on guests and understands their disappointment at this change in sailing date.

Scenic has committed to providing guests a full refund for the cost of their Scenic Eclipse cruise and consideration of any other reasonable associated costs incurred with their travel plans. In addition, Scenic will provide all guests who rebook a Scenic Eclipse voyage a future cruise credit to the value of 25% of the cost of their rebooked cruise.

Scenic has established a dedicated phone number for guests and has begun reaching out to all guests and travel agents to provide details on the process of refunding, and offering an opportunity to apply the 25% discount to other voyages.

Monday, 12 November 2018

PONANT 180-page Oct 2019 - April 2020 cruise brochure


From the Antarctic to Latin America, the Eastern Mediterranean to Oceania…..

There are compelling reasons to obtain a copy of this new 180-page brochure featuring over 100 voyages – small ship cruises and luxury expeditions - that include perennial favourites as well as a number of immersive new and off-the-beaten-track itineraries.

This brochure also includes a range of tropical and polar expeditions developed in conjunction with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

New ships AND new destinations, a wealth of options: Itineraries range from 7 nights to Grand Voyages up to 73 nights, all offering PONANT's hallmark comfort and style aboard the youngest and ecologically responsible fleet of small luxury expedition ships in the world - including four new Explorer ships. Or, for those who enjoy a traditional sailing yacht, the classic three-masted Le Ponant is an elegant option for exploring the Eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Whether it be the icy vastness and overwhelming concentrations of wildlife in Antarctica, intimate encounters with Papuan, Polynesian or Maori people, scuba diving in the Indian Ocean or visiting the archaeological wonders of Petra in Jordan, this must-read PONANT brochure provides the stimulus to start planning your next voyage.

Travel with the polar experts, PONANT: 4 luxury expedition small ships operating in the Antarctic - Le Boreal, L'Austral, Le Soleal and Le Lyrial
A range of pre and post cruise options to extend your holiday
Small ships offer access to remote destinations that larger ships simply cannot reach.
Memorable experiences in the company of a small number of like-minded guests.

For 2019/2020 highlights for modern day luxury and expedition cruisers include:
  • Greece to Egypt and the Red Sea - from the pyramids of Giza to Lawrence of Arabia's famed Wadi Rum desert 
  • (New) Discover the Levant - including Jerusalem and Masada 
  • (New) Sail on Le Ponant to visit fascinating UNESCO sites in Malta and Sicily 
  • Hawaii, French Polynesia, Easter Island the Solomons - Pacific Ocean cruising par excellence 
  • Witness the start of the iconic Rolex 75th Sydney to Hobart yacht race and join the yachts in Hobart for the festivities 
  • With 25 polar voyages, the opportunity to spend Christmas or New Year in the Antarctic 
  • Explore New Zealand's fiordlands
  • Experience the natural wonders and cultural diversity of Latin America and the Caribbean 
  • Scuba dive in Micronesia's Chuuk lagoon, graveyard with over 60 WWII wrecks 
  • Enjoy the lesser visited Caribbean and Bijagos islands of the Atlantic Ocean 
  • In the Indian Ocean, visit Aldabra lagoon, the largest coral atoll in the world 
This 180 page October 2019 - April 2020 brochure is available now directly through PONANT or travel agents, OR a convenient e-brochure download is available at:

Additional Information:

Some voyages currently have a 30% Ponant Bonus available however fares are yield managed and savings reduce according to the number of staterooms sold.

Pricing examples:

(NEW) MAYA TREASURE OF THE YUCATAN / Puerto Morelos to Puerto Morelos onboard
Le Champlain: 6 departures between November 2019 and January 2020 - 7 nights from $3,990 pp* in a Deluxe Stateroom with balcony

(NEW) BETWEEN VIETNAM AND THE MALACCA STRAIT / Ho Chi Minh to Singapore onboard Le Laperouse: 16 November 2019 - 9 nights from $6,240 pp* in a Deluxe Stateroom with balcony

(NEW) THE SEYCHELLES AND ALDABRA ATOLL / Mahe to Mahe onboard Le Bougainville: 4 departures between December 2019 and April 2020 - 12 nights from $8,760 pp* in a Deluxe Stateroom with balcony

FROM FIJI TO MICRONESIA with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC / Lautoka to Guam onboard Le Soléal: 1 April 2020 - 15 nights from $12,130 pp* in a Prestige Stateroom Deck 4 with balcony

*Ponant Bonus fare per person, in Australian Dollars, based on a double occupancy. Price includes port taxes, yield managed, correct at time of writing – 12/11/2018. Refer to for further T & Cs.

To receive a copy of this PONANT brochure, or for more information please contact your Travel Agent or PONANT directly in Australia: 1300 737 178 or in New Zealand: 0800 767 018, or email

Further information available on the website:

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Another expedition cruise ship launch delayed

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World Explorer expedition cruise newbuild delayed to summer 2019

World Explorer had been expected to operate on charter to
Quark during the current Antarctica season RENDERING: WestSea Viana Shipyard

The 176-passenger World Explorer, expected from Portugal's WestSea Viana Shipyard this month, is now set to arrive in summer 2019.

The 9,300gt ship, being built for Portugal's Mystic Cruises, a division of Mário Ferreira's Mystic Invest, had been scheduled to operate on charter to Quark Expeditions during the current Antarctica season and then for Mystic subsidiary Nicko Cruises of Germany.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Celebrity Cruises new Galapagos glamping experience at sea

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Galapagos Glamping will leave guests star-struck in the unspoiled lush archipelago

The first ship ever designed exclusively for the Galapagos Islands, Celebrity Flora, just introduced another enticing industry first: A once-in-a-lifetime camping experience on the top deck of the luxury yacht that allows guests to dine, drink, and, yes, even sleep under one of the most spectacular night skies in the world.

Celebrity Flora was specifically designed to bring our guests closer to the Galapagos Islands than ever before – from its outward-facing design that takes guests to the water’s edge, to the enhanced custom-designed Novurania yacht tenders,” said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO, Celebrity Cruises. “And now our new Galapagos Glamping experience gives guests an incredible opportunity to experience the destination the ship was built for, on a whole new level, under the millions of stars above.”

Four star-struck guests per night will be able to book the top deck onboard experience and participate in this one-night-only adventure. The reservations include two luxuriously inviting cabanas, one fitted with a double bed for sleeping, and the other for enjoying a mouthwatering, alfresco meal. Galapagos Glamping was created to break down the walls and bring guests closer than ever to this stunning destination. To help guests fully appreciate the breathtaking views this experience offers, a naturalist will also be available to highlight the stars and constellations visible from this region of the world directly from the cabana seats.

Exclusive campfire-inspired culinary delights – from cocktails to carefully selected wines to s’mores – will be specially curated for the evening, while guests gaze at the endless open skies above. Guests will have a delicious dinner served exclusively as part of the Galapagos Glamping experience. Campers will also welcome the spectacular sunrise with a full bed-side breakfast.

Modern luxury exploration in the Galapagos Islands will never be the same once Celebrity Flora begins her inaugural season, sailing alternating 10- and 11-night tours, there is also the option for guests to select a 16-night itinerary— an inner loop and outer loop — to the region’s most stunning locales in 2019 and 2020.

Based in Baltra Island in the Galapagos, Celebrity Flora will make her debut sailing on May 26, 2019. Bookings are now open at, or through a travel advisor. The exclusive Galapagos Glamping experience will be available upon request for a fee, on every Celebrity Flora sailing, subject to availability.

To learn more about the brand’s unrivalled offerings, or its industry-leading stewardship and conservation efforts in the region, visit

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Victory Cruise Lines orders new Infinity-class expedition vessel

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SunStone Ships has declared option number two at CMHI shipyard after signing a long-term charter contract with Victory Cruise Line for the Infinity-class vessel, with a total of three newbuilds now under construction at the Chinese yard.

The other two are Aurora's Greg Mortimer and Lindblad's National Geographic Endurance

The newbuild will be named Ocean Victory and delivered in March 2021 and technically managed by Cruise Management International, Miami. Hotel operations will be handled by CMI Leisure, Miami.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Aranui Cruises to More of French Polynesia in 2020 - and save

#expeditioncruising .

Aranui Cruises has launched its 2020 program with savings of up to $1900 per couple on select cruises.

The cruise line is discounting Aranui 5’s first two voyages of the year, departing on February 6 and 22, 2020, with ocean view staterooms starting from $6030* per person twin share (savings of $1200 per couple) and royal suites available from $8970* (savings of $1900 per couple).

A senior’s discount is also available for guests aged over 60 on the September 10, 2020, departure with similar savings on offer across all cabin categories.

Aranui Cruises’ 125-metre long mixed cargo and passenger vessel Aranui 5 is one of the few remaining cargo cruise experiences in the world and in 2020, the ship will offer 20 scheduled cruises around French Polynesia, mostly consisting of its regular 13-day roundtrip voyage from Papeete to Hiva Oa, Nuka Hiva, Ua Pou, Ua Huka, Tahuata, and Fatu Hiva in the Marquesas; Bora Bora in the Society Islands; and Rangiroa and Fakarava in the Tuamotus.

While guests disembark and enjoy a range of complimentary guided excursions including hikes, 4WD tours, local feasts and visits to archaeological sites, Aranui’s Polynesian crew unload cargo, with the vessel acting as a lifeline to the remote island ports it visits.

Aranui Cruises Regional Representative Australia New Zealand Laurent Wong said the cruise line has been offering a unique cargo-passenger experience for more than 30 years and was proud to take international visitors to some of the most beautiful and remote corners of French Polynesia.

“Our regular roundtrip voyage to the Marquesas and Tuamotus is still the best way to access some of the most culturally-rich islands in French Polynesia, all while enjoying an authentic Polynesian experience onboard our special cargo cruise ship Aranui 5,” Mr Wong said.

“To celebrate the launch of our 2020 program, we’re offering a few discounted cruises to pack even more value into our already great value cruise fare, which includes more than $2000 worth of guided shore excursions, a weekly laundry service, three meals per day, complimentary French wine with onboard lunches and dinners, and calls to nine Tahitian islands including a fabulous picnic on a secluded island in Bora Bora’s blue lagoon.”

Mr Wong said the 2020 program would also feature an encore cruise to Pitcairn Island but it was expected to sell out quickly.

There are no cruises in January 2020 as Aranui 5 will be in dry dock.

Aranui 5 features a restaurant, two conference rooms, lounges, a library, a boutique, a swimming pool, a gym, a spa and four bars including the popular Sky bar.

For more information visit or call +613 9449 3778

*Subject to availability, conditions apply. Discounted cruises are available until sold out.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Sailing Adventure in the Seychelles


Island-hopping in style with Exodus Travels

One of the world's most beautiful and isolated archipelagos has been re-discovered.

The world's only mid-ocean islands of granite formation

The Seychelles archipelago is often mentioned in the same breath as the lost Garden of Eden. Green-covered atolls lapped by warm crystal-clear waters, with pristine beaches, rare flora and fauna that have been cocooned in isolation for millions of years make up a surprisingly diverse destination of striking natural beauty.

In a sailing adventure that is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, a traditional schooner is used to explore the Seychelles' main islands. Each day on board allows travellers to explore isolates bays and coves, nature reserves, snorkel through marine parks and take awe in the colourful, protected habitats of rare endemic birdlife.

Nine days from $4,095. For only one more week, Exodus Travels are giving everyone who books  $250 off per person.

To book, head to or speak to your travel agent.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

New Baja Cruise and Land Escapes From AdventureSmith Explorations


Goodbye Winter and Hello Baja With New Land and Sea Itineraries From AdventureSmith Explorations

AdventureSmith Explorations will help banish snow and ice with three new close-to-home itineraries, two by land and one by sea. All deliver guests this winter into the sunshine of Baja where the wonders of a North American version of the Galapagos await.

One itinerary places people nose-to-nose with land and marine life teeming in one of the world's most nutrient-rich marine environments-- the Sea of Cortez, home to 39 percent of the world's total marine mammal species, a third of the world's marine cetacean species and 891 fish species. This abundance of marine life also draws many species of birds. Another itinerary posits guests up close and personal with the color, culture, landscape and people on the Pacific Ocean side of Baja California Sur (south) where sunny days and white sand beaches traditionally draw culture mavens and their followers to an abundance of art, music and regional fare.

"On or off the water, our Baja itineraries are immersive and active. The new programs we're presenting this winter address requests for quick getaways as well as week-long vacations, all in a region with the same kind of appeal as the Galapagos," says Todd Smith, AdventureSmith Explorations Founder and President. "We can usually accommodate last-minute requests for land-based and cruise itineraries in this affordable, easy-to-navigate region."

Three days at Camp Cecil on the desert island of Isla Espiritu Santo comes with naturalist guides ready to indulge whims for birdwatching, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, snorkeling and swimming just off the coast of Baja California. A three-day rate is from $750 per person double, with departures any day, November through April. Included are roundtrip transfers from La Paz and Todos Santos to this electricity-free island; snorkel gear and wet suit; all adventures and related equipment; all meals and happy hours; walk-in luxury tent accommodations; panga (dinghy) support; bilingual naturalist guide/certified Wilderness First-Aid Responder; and National Park Conservation fee. The luxury camp (real linens on the beds and daily housekeeping service) is located within a National Marine Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site offering protected wildlife and landscapes rife for exploration. The waters harbor whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions, and over a dozen species of whales (including Blue whales). Guests search for blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigate bird colonies. The island is one of the 900 islands in the Espiritu Santo Archipelago.

Baja Intimate Insider is a seven-day itinerary that can be customized. The rate is from $3,500 per person double, with departures any day, year-round. Hand-curated local guides introduce guests to their favorite artists, rancheros and chefs. The rate includes boutique accommodations selected for character and size (intimate); meals; daily activities and excursions; local guides/experts and airport transfers to and from San Jose del Cabo airport. Adventures can include hikes, horseback rides, birdwatching, ranch tours and cooking classes. Opportunities for guests may include:
  • visit the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve, one of Baja's most beautiful but least-explored areas and home to an incredible diversity of plant and animal life, boasting one of the highest rates of plant endemism of any place in the world;
  • surf with Mario, a veteran surf instructor, who guarantees that guests will stand up on their boards during the first hour of instruction - at least for a few moments;
  • stargaze with Sergio, the owner of Los Colibris Casitas, who will explore Aztec and Mayan mythology through the stars;
  • explore ranching in the mountains with Doña Ramona and learn how to make traditional tortillas; marvel at the artistry of potters who share the landscape riddled with dry arroyos;
  • dine on creative farm-to-table presentations and home-style Mexican cuisine;
  • imbibe the secrets of Iker Algorri, chef/author of Cooking Adventures in Baja California Sur;
  • walk the bluffs over the Pacific coastline where sea lions cavort;
  • check out some of the over 430 bird species spotted in this region while riding horses with Kaia, an avid birder and naturalist;
  • drink wine with local artist Jill Logan. 
The brand-new 100-guest National Geographic Venture launches this winter with spacious accommodations and equipment to suit the most active of travelers over five days on Base Camp Baja, a wellness-focused cruise in the Sea of Cortez. This cruise is active and relaxing with award-winning wellness programs. Guests pursue yoga, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, stretching in the onboard fitness center, meditating and massages as well as body and natural facial, hand and foot treatments. This new ship is kicking off its first-ever sailing season in Baja before heading north to Alaska. The per person double rate is from $2,650. Departure dates in 2018 are Dec. 22-26, Dec. 26-30 and Dec. 30-Jan. 3, 2019; 2019 departures are Jan. 3-7, Jan. 7-11, Dec. 23-27, Dec. 29-Jan. 2, 2020; 2020 departure dates are Jan. 2-6 and Jan. 6-10.

A bonus for vacationing in this region is the possibility of swimming with whale sharks. Although whale sharks are found swimming all over the world, La Paz, Baja (a commonly used port for AdventureSmith's small ship cruises), is one of the easiest and closest opportunities to swim alongside them for North Americans. These fish (the largest fish in the world) have made a winter home in the sandy shallows just outside the La Paz harbor where snorkelers can test their swimming speed (and nerve) by trying to keep up with these massive creatures. (Whale sharks swim like a shark but feed on plankton and other small sea life, offering no threat to swimmers.) Swimming with these majestic creatures is an experience not easily forgotten.

For details on all AdventureSmith's small ship cruises worldwide, day-to-day itineraries, availability and reservations, phone: 866-575-2875 toll-free or visit

Monday, 29 October 2018

Cruise Cape Horn and the stunning Patagonian Fjords with World Expeditions

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Adventure travel specialist, World Expeditions, has launched a new adventure cruise through the remote, southernmost fjords of South America, via the Strait of Magellan, the Beagle Channel and Cape Horn, amongst the glaciers and snow-capped, jagged peaks for which the region is famous.

On board the very comfortable, spacious, medium capacity (max 210 passengers) Stella Australis or Ventus Australis, the cruise offers opportunities to see vast colonies of penguins and other seabirds, as well as southern elephant seals and other sub-polar wildlife.

The 5-day, 4-night Cape Horn and Patagonian Fjords cruise operates in either direction between Punta Arenas and Ushuaia, or as a 9-day, 8-night round trip, with travellers start departing from - and returning to - the same city.

It departs between September and March and cost from AUD$3,090 per person (one way, twin share), including fine-dining meals onboard, free bar (with selected beverages), professional expedition guide and support staff, shore excursions and onboard entertainment.

Like the longer established, 4-day Chilean Fjords – The Kaweskar Route, the new cruise is expected to be a popular extension for travellers to Torres del Paine. The small-vessel Kaweskar cruise, which departs Puerto Natales and takes in fjords north of the new cruise, operates between October and April and costs from AUD$2,690 (twin share).

More information at or 1300 720 000.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Ponant and National Geographic ‘Expeditions to Inspire’

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PONANT & NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 2019-2020 brochure:

click to download

PONANT and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC have joined forces, combining their specific areas of expertise to offer a range of unique and enriching expedition cruises.

A collection of 18 expeditions stretching from Alaska to Antarctica - a taste of what is to come from this recently announced partnership.

Aboard PONANT’s luxury small expedition ships, accompanied by PONANT’s experienced Expedition Team as well as NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC destination experts, award-winning photographers and photojournalists, adventurous and inquisitive guests will sail to destinations that are among the most remote, the most fascinating and the wildest on the planet. Here they will explore and encounter the wonders of the world up close, right at the sources, and be transformed by these enriching experiences.

“This inaugural brochure features a selection of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC & PONANT Expeditions to many regions and destinations that few travellers ever see. Exciting, immersive, wild … some with experiences perhaps outside your comfort zone, yet explored in comfort from onboard PONANT’s fleet of modern small expedition ships. Together we are creating exciting new expedition cruising opportunities,” explained Monique Ponfoort, PONANT’s Vice President Asia Pacific.

For 2019/2020 consider this Who’s Who of expeditions for modern-day adventurers:
  • Alaska, the volcanic Aleutian Islands, the Sea of Okhotsk
  • The magnificent fjords, ice flows and wildlife of Spitsbergen and Greenland
  • The lesser visited Caribbean and Bijagos islands of the Atlantic Ocean
  • In the Indian Ocean, Aldabra lagoon, the largest coral atoll in the world  
  • In Oceania, the cultures of Micronesia and the Solomon Islands
  • The far-flung Sub Antarctic Islands 
  • Wondrous Antarctica

The 48-page Expeditions to Inspire brochure is available now.

From the iceberg-scattered bays of Antarctica to the crystal-clear waters of the
Indian Ocean, by 2021 there will be more than 130  expeditions co-created by PONANT & NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

Friday, 19 October 2018

SeaLink's new superyacht for Sydney Harbour

SeaLink Travel Group today announced the purchase of the luxurious superyacht, "AUSPRO". She will join the Captain Cook Cruises fleet on Sydney Harbour in mid-November as a deluxe 'premium-end' charter and private cruising vessel.

Building upon Captain Cook Cruises' legendary focus on service, "AUSPRO" will deliver an extraordinary new level of luxury and sophistication. With her own full-time Captain and beautiful classic interior, "AUSPRO" is ideal for high-end corporate entertaining, five-star private functions, intimate weddings or celebrations and extravagant overnight getaways.

Responding to the recent growth of the superyacht charter industry on Sydney Harbour, Jeff Ellison, CEO and Managing Director of SeaLink Travel Group, said this is a direction SeaLink is excited to take as it increases focus on attracting elite clientele locally and internationally.

"This is part of our three-year growth strategy for Sydney Harbour.  We have listened to our key trade partners, and they have asked us to deliver a boutique, intimate experience for their five-star guests."

Ellison continued: "Our goal is to strive for consistent improvement. This is the first of many new initiatives planned for SeaLink/Captain Cook Cruises in the coming months."

Built by leading Italian superyacht manufacturing company Azimut, "AUSPRO" is a 30m motor yacht fitted with a Gyro Stabiliser for super smooth harbour sailing and has a range capable of offering extended overnight trips. The lavish superyacht can accommodate 45 guests for a VIP function or eight overnight guests and features two staterooms and two cabins.

The master stateroom has a queen size bed, private lounge and two ensuites, one with a spa bath. The other guest rooms accommodate a further six people, with a large queen size stateroom and two additional twin cabins, all with ensuites.

The stylish saloon is finished in gloss mahogany and teak curved timbers, Italian cream leather upholstery and a padded ceiling with plush carpets. Extra detail in lighting and audiovisual enhances the luxurious ambiance. The galley is modern and stylish with European appliances and the flybridge has a fully equipped wet bar, glass fridges, BBQ and LCD TV.

Crew accommodation is for four crew plus a captain's cabin with a ship's office that allows for a liveaboard captain.

Captain Cook Cruises is currently upgrading AUSPRO with galley enhancements and a new exterior paint finish.

For further information and bookings visit:

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Sneak Preview On Board: Ponant Le Champlain

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Ponant Le Champlain tied up at Olden, Norway as guests kayak in the fjord (RE)

Expedition Cruising editor, Roderick Eime, was delighted to be invited to inspect the brand new and second of the new class of expedition vessel from Ponant, Le Champlain, on a 3-day shakedown cruise in Norway.

As you've read here already, these new ships are slightly smaller than the Le Boreal Class of which four have already launched. Six of these are planned with two already launched and carrying their first passengers.

Retractable marina will make Zodiac boarding a breeze (RE)
Compared to their older and larger siblings, the new 128m 'Explorer' class carries just 184 passengers in 92 twin occupancy cabins and suites as opposed to 142m and 264 pax. All the superior trimmings and amenities Ponant guests are familiar with can be found aboard the Explorer fleet which is designed to operate on tropical and warmer climate expeditions.

Even the sauna is stylish! (RE)
More details here soon. Come back to read updates.

An earlier artist rendering showing stern marina deck and pool (Ponant)
Meanwhile, the construction of Le Bougainville and Le Dumont d' Urville progresses on the Vard shipyard in Tulcea in Romania; the ships are scheduled for delivery in 2019.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

One Ocean Expeditions New Vessel, RCGS Resolute


Leading expedition cruise operator, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) is proud to officially welcome to its fleet the vessel 'RCGS Resolute'. To celebrate her first sailing under the One Ocean Expeditions' banner the company is hosting a grand recommission event at the Port of Sydney, Nova Scotia on October 16th, 2018. With the fleet expansion comes an increased number of sailings to Canada's East Coast and Antarctica as well as the introduction of new non-polar destinations in Spring 2019.

"Introducing RCGS Resolute to our fleet in her home port of Sydney, Nova Scotia is an important moment for One Ocean Expeditions, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and our partners," says Andrew Prossin, Managing Director of One Ocean Expeditions and Cape Breton native. "A ship recommissioning is a unique ceremony that places a vessel in active service. It is a joyous occasion that we are honoured to host on Canada's East Coast and my home."

"As One Ocean Expeditions' exclusive marine partner in education, environmental science, and exploration, it's an honour to name one of our vessels with a RCGS pre-fix for the first time," adds Catherine Lawton, OOE's General Manager. "In partnering with Royal Canadian Geographical Society, our guests have the exclusive opportunity to learn from and interact with RCGS Fellows including world-renowned scientists, educators, researchers, naturalists, marine biologists, artists, historians and photographers on board. We look forward to welcoming RCGS Resolute to our fleet along with our friends, partners and supporters."

Notable guests at the October 16th event will be Commissioner of Nunavut, The Honourable Nellie T. Kusugak, Rear Admiral Nick Lambert, The Honourable Alexandra Shackleton, Navy Captain Guillaume Lefrance (CD), The Honourable Rodger Cuzner (MP), Michael MacDonald (MP), Cape Breton's Mayor Cecil Clarke and John Geiger, CEO of RCGS.

Says John Geiger, "This day represents a great moment in the history of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. RCGS Resolute is a platform not only for expeditionary travel but for science and education."

Special appearances also include performances by Stadacona Band of the Royal Canadian Navy and the 29 Sydney Kiwanis Royal Canadian Air Cadet squadron with Commanding Officer Major Dodie Hanna (CD). The ship will be blessed by Reverend Canon Donald J Lawton (CD) at the ceremony, and the onboard VIP celebration will conclude with an exclusive performance by popular local band and one of the nation's favourites, the Barra MacNeils, to mark this momentous occasion.

Designed for exploration and for comfort, RCGS Resolute is modern, well-appointed, safe and ice-strengthened. The ship offers an array of premiere amenities aligning with OOE's unique small ship programming, educational opportunities and numerous activities tailored to guests' individual interests. This new addition joins OOE's One Ocean Navigator / Akademik Ioffe and One Ocean Navigator/ Akademik Sergey Vavilov, both carrying less than 100 passengers. While RCGS Resolute hosts 146 passengers, she has the capacity to host and operate an increased number of programs simultaneously, ensuring the same small group comfort and intimacy found on all OOE vessels.

RCGS Resolute's inaugural voyage will depart from Ushuaia, Argentina on November 16th, 2018, on the "Antarctica - Off the Beaten Track'" voyage. From November to March she will explore Antarctica and South Georgia before heading north to the Chilean Fjords in April 2019. From there she heads to Costa Rica and Panama, through the Panama Canal and onwards to the North Atlantic, commencing voyages through Scotland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. She will also host OOE's inaugural Scotland & Ireland Golf Expedition before starting her first season in the Canadian High Arctic.

For more information on OOE's expedition cruise vessels:

For more information on OOE's Arctic cruise destinations and itineraries:

For more information on OOE's Antarctic destinations and itineraries:

Friday, 12 October 2018

Three Nights Free on 7-night Captain Cook Fiji cruises


Book any seven-night Fiji cruise and receive three nights free with small ship experts, Captain Cook Cruises Fiji's 'Three Nights Free Sail'. Offering savings of up to AUD$2100 per person this deal is on sale until 9 November 2018 with travel valid until 31 March 2019.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji's seven-night itineraries include the seven-night Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands cruise which departs every Tuesday and Saturday and the seven-night 4 Cultures Discovery or Colonial Discovery cruises which depart one a month on alternate months.

The seven-night Yasawa Islands and Mamanuca cruise discovers the beauty of the Southern and Northern Yasawa Island group and cruises through the spectacular passage from Yaqeta Island to the Yasawa's northern reaches. The cruise visits the islands of Waya, Naviti and Viwa, the private island of Tivua, the Sawa-l-Lau limestone caves and the blue lagoon and Mononki – the island where Tom Hank's movie Castaway was filmed.

The seven nights 4 Cultures Discovery cruise circumnavigates Vanua Levu, Fiji's second largest island and visits four distinctive Fijian cultures including Ellice Islanders (Polynesians), Banabans (Micronesia), Fijians and Indians. The cruise visits the islands of Kioa, Rabi, Labasa Town, Kia Island and the world's third longest barrier reef, "The Great Sea Reef".

Scheduled departure dates for 4 Cultures Discovery Cruise include 1 January, 7 May, 2 July and 3 September 2019 and 7 Jan 2020.

Captain Cook Cruises seven nights Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise reveals the unique history, art and culture of the Northern Fiji Islands and allows passengers the ultimate experience of 'standing' on the 180th Meridian, the natural dateline. The cruise also visits the recent Heritage listed old capital of Levuka on the islands of Ovalau, Taveuni, the garden island and Savusavu, a town of hot springs and Pearl farms.

2019 and 2020 departure dates for the Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise include 5 February, 2 April, 4 June, 1O October 2019 and 4 February 2020.

All cruises are aboard newly refurbished small ship, MV Reef Endeavour, which explores parts of Fiji larger ships cannot get to. Visiting remote villages, churches and schools and partake in traditional village sevusevu ceremonies and Meke and Lovo feasts.

Experience the underwater world with daily swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkelling off picturesque islands and in beautiful lagoons. Go glass bottom boating or try mind blowing scuba diving operated by Viti Water Sports, a PADI5 Star Dive Centre Dive with two dives offered daily and always in different locations.

On-board be pampered at the ships Senikai Day Spa, relax on the sun deck by the jacuzzi or pool, work out in the mini-gym, play a game in the lounge or grab a cocktail at the pool bar and watch the breathtaking scenery pass by.

Enjoy mouthwatering cuisine including buffet breakfasts, alfresco lunches, casual barbecues and table d'hote dinners. All food is prepared on board from fresh local and imported produce.

A complimentary Kids Club is available for children 5 -9 years where children can make new friends, have lots of fun and learn about and experience the Fijian culture. Kids Club operates between 9.00am and 12noon, 2.00pm to 5.00pm and from 6.00pm and 9.00pm.

The 'Three Nights Free' cruise sale is valid on all room categories including "A" Tabua Suites, "B" and "C" Ocean Staterooms and "D" Porthole Cabins and on sale until 9 November 2018 with travel valid until 31 March 2019.

Prices for the 'Three nights Free Sail' for all seven-night cruises start from AUD$2045 per adult twin share, normally AUD$3395 per adult twin share and AUD$640 per child (5-17 years) sharing with an adult, normally AUD$1065 per child sharing with an adult.

All fares include shipboard accommodation, all meals, guided village, school and island tours, snorkelling and glass bottom boat excursions, daily island stopovers and water activities, hikes and Kayak safaris, onboard entertainment, kids club (5-9 yrs), onboard Wi-Fi, 24-hour self-service tea and coffee bar, post cruise transfers to Nadi and Denarau hotels and Nadi airport and use of the ship's facilities including a swimming pool, jacuzzi, mini gym, sun deck, cocktail bar and library.

For further information and bookings visit or contact your local travel agent.

For further information and bookings, please contact Captain Cook Cruises on T: +61 9126 8160 or from within Australia: 1300 To Fiji (86 3454), Email: or visit

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Ponant Cruise with 2019 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

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A rare opportunity - Join PONANT’s latest small luxury expedition cruise ship Le Laperouse, for a seven-night voyage Sydney to Hobart, with pole-position viewing as the 2019 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race competitors clear Sydney Heads.

Board the ship for an early start on Boxing Day 2019, then leave the Harbour to be perfectly positioned off Sydney Heads, in the thick of the action when the maxi yachts round the mark and battle it out for the honour of clearing the Heads first.

Then enjoy cruising down the NSW coast, breaking the voyage to visit Trousers Point on Flinders Islands and iconic Wineglass Bay on Tasmania’s east coast, before joining the racing yacht fleet at Constitution Dock right in the heart of Hobart in time for presentations, New Year’s Eve fireworks and partying.

Monique Ponfoort, PONANT Vice President Asia Pacific: “This really is a special way to mark the start of the 75th Anniversary of the Rolex Sydney Hobart yacht race. You will be well positioned offshore to view the first maxi-yachts exit the heads, and then slip down the coast enjoying all the luxuries, service and comfort onboard that the racing crews can only dream about. Join us onboard!”

The voyage departs Sydney 26 December 2019 / 7 nights and includes three nights at dock in Hobart - your perfect ‘floating hotel’ location for yachting and partying enthusiasts.

From $5,5400 pp twin share in a Prestige Stateroom on Deck 6.

Background on Le Laperouse: The first of six Explorer Class small luxury expedition ships being constructed for PONANT, progressively joining the fleet in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Launched in 2018 the environmentally-friendly Le Laperouse has just 92 spacious staterooms and suites, all with private balcony, an infinity edge swimming pool, world-first underwater multi-sensory lounge with large glass windows below the water line, movable marina, and a fleet of 10 Zodiacs. You will want for nothing - choice of dining options, Sothys spa, sauna, Hermes toiletries and fine linens, 24-hour room service, Open Bar, fine cuisine, intuitive service - all imbued with French ambiance.

Chic, stylish and intimate, this is small ship cruising at its best.


Details of all PONANT voyages including itineraries, pricing and shore excursion highlights are available at

Contact your travel agent, or PONANT on Australia: 1300 737 178 or + 612 8459 5000 / New Zealand: 0800 44 32 62, or email to request more information or assistance.