Saturday 25 December 2010

Day 14 – Bracing Blizzard and Polar Plunge

As the captain turned to set a course for Campbell Island, the Antarctic weather gave us a fitting send-off with a stiff, snow-laden gale from the north west. The giant bergs still lurked all around, ominous and powerful, reminding us we were the ones in their territory. One ceremony remained before our final farewell; the polar plunge. Yes, as it sounds, adventurers strip back to swimmers and scamper down the gangway for a very quick dip in the icy waters – and icy they are. With Christmas hats, Hawaiian leis and surf shorts, brave bodies dunked themselves off the platform and quickly scurried back up the steps amid yelps and hollers. Back aboard, Christmas festivities were begun a day early to capitalise on the 'white' theme delivered in the form of whirling snow flurries. Deck the decks, indeed.

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