Monday 13 December 2010

Day 5 en route to Macquarie Island

'The movements of the ship are beyond description. Gunwales were underwater most of the time, the decks awash and forecastle head was mostly lost to sight as the ship, recovering from her drop into the troughs, plunged into the waves ahead.”

Thankfully the above quote is not from our voyage, but from Mawson's of 1929. Even so, it is easy to imagine the fury aroused in the seas at this latitude. While our voyage was a little milder, Expedition Leader, Rodney Russ, confided it was one of his more 'energetic' in 20 years.

The little 'Spirit of Enderby' ploughed on at a modest 8 knots toward Macquarie Island tossing us hither and thither making dinner service an amusing event for the few hardy souls who came to eat.

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