Monday 24 June 2013

National Geographic Orion 2014 brochure

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National Geographic Orion 2014 brochure reveals a new era in expedition travel

Orion Expedition Cruises has released its 2014 season brochure; 64 pages detailing 25 voyages with expeditions to over 100 destinations onboard the specialist expedition ship that sets the standard for expedition cruising across the region.

Commencing in March 2014, the newly named National Geographic Orion inaugural itineraries feature three Melanesian and Micronesian voyages including two 'Voyages of Discovery' denoting the inclusion of new destinations not visited previously.

In May 2014 National Geographic Orion will commence a season of Kimberley coast voyages revealing the wonders of ancient art, remarkable geology and diverse wildlife. The Kimberley with Spice voyage includes exquisite Rowley Shoals before heading to Komodo and Bali.

Two 10 night Borneo voyages include a visit to Dr Galdikas' renowned Camp Leakey orang-utan rehabilitation centre, promising unforgettable photo opportunities and wildlife experiences.

The Spice Islands beckon with a remarkable 16 night expedition through the famed yet rarely visited Molucca Islands and Asmat in West Papua, en-route to Cairns.

In November 2014, Cairns marks the departure point for National Geographic Orion to head east across the South Pacific with a series of three Voyages of Discovery taking in some of the famed and remote outlying island groups the region is so well known for. Far from mainstream cruises these voyages capture the real South Pacific, stopping at many islands and atolls never contemplated by large passenger liners.

The year concludes with three polar voyages to the Antarctic Peninsula. Departing from Ushuaia all include time ashore on South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

These voyages, all detailed in the 2014 brochure, epitomise expedition cruising. Crafted expeditions experienced in the company of a small number of other like-minded guests, competently guided by an experienced expedition team and crew on a ship unsurpassed for style and expedition capability.

From the ghost fleet of Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) to the stone Moai statues on Easter Island, this expansive full colour brochure includes voyage summaries and typical cultural, historic and wildlife experiences likely to be encountered. Useful reference for potential expedition travellers seeking rewarding cultural interaction and intellectual stimulation unknown in mainstream cruising.

The relaxed luxury life onboard is exampled in the brochure through Orion's range of accommodation options (including floor plans for Staterooms and Suites through to Owner's Suites) and facilities that include boutique, massage, spa, elevator and lounges – along with Serge Dansereau's award winning cuisine.

Orion's 2014 brochure can be requested from or by contacting Orion Expedition Cruises: 61-2 9033 8777 (Sydney callers) 1300 361 012 (regional and interstate), emailing or through specialist expedition cruise travel agents.

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