Saturday 1 June 2013

Still not too late to join an Antarctic cruise this coming season.

Cute Adelie penguins

Have you ever thought ‘Why would I go to Antarctica?’ Well, you could join an exclusive club of people who have discovered the absolute magic of the white continent. It is an experience difficult to explain in mere words….the silence, the sounds, the air, the majesty… and the penguins! Join the club by taking one of the many different cruises we have to offer. We have trips of all styles and durations. For an introduction to the continent there are Antarctic Peninsula cruises departing from Ushuaia, Argentina. We also have fly/cruises departing from Punta Arenas, flying over Cape Horn and the Drake Passage to join your cruise from the Peninsula. For slightly more in-depth visit to Antarctica we offer cruises which reach the Polar Circle, the Weddell Sea and longer cruises which include the Falklands and stunning South Georgia.
And psssst…..
We also have some special expeditions coming up with visits to the Macquarie Island and Mawson’s Hut - watch this space for the official release of these expeditions.


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