Wednesday 24 August 2016

Croatian Katarina Line Launches New Initiatives


Katarina Line, a DMC and small-ship cruise line in Croatia, has announced that it is launching new initiatives to attract travel agents in North America.

The new initiatives include expanding its sales and marketing programs and increasing its participation at major travel trade shows, such as the USTOA Annual Conference inArizona. Katarina Line also pays commission to travel agents, and is a member of many travel associations, including ASTA, NTA, RDA, ETOA, and STAN.

Katarina Line has over 50 ships in four different sizes and categories in its fleet, serving approximately 30,000 guests annually. Katarina Line recently added new deluxe cruises in response to a growing demand from the U.S. and Canadian markets for a more luxurious cruise experience on the Croatian coast.

The company's cruise itineraries offer travelers a unique opportunity to explore theMediterranean coastline and picturesque Croatian towns in a more intimate way. Guests can swim in the crystal-blue waters and enjoy the local attractions at every port as they hop from island to island.

Vessels range from the ultra-modern MV Infinity that can carry up to 38 passengers to the more traditional ships: two- and three-masted wooden sailing vessels that hold from eight to fourteen people. All vessels, however, are fully air-conditioned, with modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi and spacious cabins.

Through its extensive DMC operations, Katarina Line also enjoys strong partnerships with every quality hotel in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Serbia, ensuring that any pre- and post-cruise land tours booked through them offers the best accommodations.


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