Thursday 16 March 2017

Expedition kit: ChargeUp Digital 6,000 Portable Powerbank

Take a look around you. Just about everyone you see is dialled into their smart device of one sort of another. Androids, iPhones, tablets and iPads are the ubiquitous and inseparable accessory for today's traveller and commuter. We've come to rely on these increasingly sophisticated devices, not just for simple voice and data communication, but also for photography, GPS mapping and social media sharing.

Portable and lightweight, they have have replaced many of the cumbersome and bulky kit we were once burdened with on our travels. Travellers in particular have become wedded to these accessories as part of their mandatory packing list. How do you get to the bus station or airport, convert currency or even translate phrases and instructions? Yep, how did we ever travel without them?

As connected travellers, we've all experienced the panic and frustration of trying to get that last email or text message as the battery warning light flashes urgently before we are cast adrift in an analogue no man's land of dark alleys and strange foreign faces. Did you bring your charger? Will it plug into the curious puzzle that is supposed to be a power socket? Can you sneak a USB cable into the back of a random TV without looking like a shoplifter?

In the last few years, we've seen a spray of portable batteries designed to rescue us at the last minute before our pixels fade into oblivion. Most are good enough to keep our device alive for the rest of the train journey home, but what about a transpacific flight, Siberian railway expedition or arduous desert trek? You need something with power reserve.

For the last couple weeks I have tested the sleek and powerful ChargeUp Digital 6,000 Portable Power Bank. It's light, easily packed and just has a confident feel. 6000 what BTW? This number refers to the current it can supply and for how long, measured in milliamp hours (mAh). Most 'lipstick' size units are rated at about 1000-1200 tops and we know from experience they don't cut the mustard on longer trips. Cygnett's range of ChargeUp Portable Power Banks start at a useful 2500 up to a mighty 10000.

This what they tell me and I'm inclined to agree:

Featuring the latest in Lithium polymer battery technology, the ChargeUp Digital 6,000 Portable Powerbank provides power at your fingertips for when you need it most. Ideal for when you're on the go, travelling for business or leisure, the ChargeUp 6,000 is slimline and compact, making it the perfect addition to every backpack, laptop bag, handbag or briefcase. It comes fully pre-charged for instant use and provides up to 3-4 phone charges before needing to be recharged. Thanks to a handy digital display you'll always know how much power you have left. The ChargeUp 6,000 can be used to power any device that uses a USB connection to charge, and with two 2A USB sockets can quickly charge two devices at once. Use it to charge a huge variety of gadgets from smartphones, to your GoPro, portable speakers and even a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

The whole range and pricing can be found here:

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