Wednesday 25 September 2019

Canadian expedition cruise season ends on a high note

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Canada’s premiere expedition cruise specialist, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE), continues to perform as an outstanding leader of expedition voyages following a successful 2019 Arctic season. Guests were captivated by the abundance of wildlife, awe-inspiring landscapes and poignant visits to historical sites and remote Inuit communities.

Sailing from Iqaluit, the inaugural South Baffin Explorer: Art, Culture and Wildlife voyage focused on the art and cultural significance of the South Baffin region. Traveling alongside passengers, special guests Jennifer Withrow and Dr. Nancy Campbell from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, brought extensive knowledge of Inuit art, as well as providing guests exclusive pre-launch access to Iningat Ilagiit, a digital Inuit art collection. Also sailing on this voyage was newly appointed Artist-in-Residence for Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute’s (FoSPRI) Lesley Burr, famed watercolour artist David McEown, and lead curator from the Audain Art Museum Dr. Curtis Collins.

In partnership with Recreation and Parks Association of Nunavut (RPAN), OOE participated in an event at the Arctic Winter Games arena in Iqaluit on August 9th, 2019. The event welcomed youth from RPAN’s ‘Get Happy Day Camp’ program and their staff, Iqaluit Curling Club (ICC) members, and OOE guests on their arrival into Iqaluit ahead of OOE’S Baffin Island and Greenland Explorer voyage, departing that same day. Marking the arrival of a Rock Solid Productions floor curling set that was donated to RPAN and the Iqaluit community by OOE, the event featured Olympian and World Champion curler, Jill Officer, artist Cory Trepanier, and Actor and Royal Canadian Geographical SocietyExplorer-in-Residence Johnny Issaluk, who also joined the voyage. During the event, Jill shared her Olympic experience and had her gold medal on hand for viewing and photo opportunities.

Eric Solomon, Director of Arctic Programs at Ocean Wise, was part of the OOE team in the Northwest Passage, continuing his groundbreaking multi-year microplastics research. Passengers on board were able to assist him with the analysis of water samples for the presence and severity of micro plastics in the ocean, and a live Cisco broadcast from the ship provided an opportunity for visitors in the Vancouver Aquarium to connect with Eric while he was on board RCGS Resolute.

An innovative post-secondary geography field course in partnership with the University of Waterloo travelled on board the Classic Northwest Passage and Greenland voyage. The three-year pilot project program focused on practical learning, that introduced students to notable geographic areas and communities in the Canadian Arctic allowing them to study on-site.

This summer also saw the return of Dr. Matthew Ayre from the Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary. After his discovery of evidence of a long-lost whaling vessel in 2018 whilst onboard with OOE, he returned to the Arctic to continue his study of wrecked whaling vessel, the Nova Zembla.

Extraordinary weather conditions offered many days of bright sunshine throughout the season, with clear night skies offering spectacular views of the Aurora Borealis. Exceeding all expectations, wildlife sightings were in abundance, with a high number of polar bears, muskox, beluga whales, bowheads and narwhal as well as encounters with humpback whales, seals, Arctic fox and countless species of birds.

“The success OOE experienced this summer is the result of our team’s hard work in developing a comprehensive cruise program that engages and connects our guests to this unforgettable and unique place,” said Andrew Prossin, Managing Director at One Ocean Expeditions.

The Canadian Arctic has much to offer travelers in their quests of adventure and knowledge. One Ocean Expeditions is dedicated to pursuing its commitments and increasing travelers desire to visit the nation’s remote regions, creating ambassadors for these fragile ecosystems.

The popular Northwest Passage and Greenland voyage returns in both 2020 and 2021. Rates for a twin private start at US$16,595 for 2020 departures and US$17,195 for 2021 departures.

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