Thursday 23 January 2020

Coral Expeditions launches new East Indies expeditions

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Coral Adventurer explores Raja Ampat, Borneo, Sulawesi and the remote islands of the East Indies in 2021

Australia’s pioneer of expedition cruising, Coral Expeditions announce an extensive series of seven expeditions for 2021 to the exotic East Indies exploring such enchanting small islands as Misool in Raja Ampat, Alor in the Lesser Sundas and Buton in Sulawesi.

The collection of voyages onboard the state-of-the-art new expedition ship Coral Adventurer will feature extended explorations of the rich history, culture and wildlife of the region.

Some of the expedition highlights include walking through the fragrant markets of Banda Neira, the epicentre of the world’s spice trade 350 years ago. At isolated Lamalera village, guests will get an appreciation of the traditions and lifestyles of one of the last subsistence whaling communities in the world. Take a bus to the top of the Kelimutu crater and throw in a stone into the spectacular tri-coloured volcanic lake for good luck. An included overnight stay allows guests to enjoy the dawn tranquillity of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Borobodur temple. And if all this does not excite, then a behind-the-scenes encounter at Camp Leakey with the famed orangutans of Borneo, joining Coral Expeditions in the conservation mission of the station, should.

If opportunities to relax in nature are the drawcard, the voyages include some of the world’s great marine parks – such as Bunaken and Lembeh – hard to reach except by sea. At Roon Island, our guests can snorkel around a Japanese Zero plane wreck, as it shelters marine life in crystal clear shallow water.

“The Indonesian archipelago is vast and little seen, yet it offers an amazing diversity of attractions within easy reach of the Northern Australian coast,” says Jeff Gillies, Commercial Director of Coral Expeditions. “We have been visiting the region for over a decade now and have built extensive local community connections. Our guests particularly enjoy the vast biodiversity of the region, and the intimate small group interactions with the locals. We have expert historians and anthropologists onboard to interpret and explain – this is no ordinary pleasure cruise.”

Details of the full 2021 schedule are;

12-night “Raja Ampat & Spice Islands”

Darwin to Biak – departs 6 January 2021

Biak to Darwin – departs 18 January 2021
Priced from $9,900 per person twin share
Highlight: Swim with the majestic Whale Sharks at Cenderawasih Bay

10-night “Island Realms of the East Indies, Darwin to Bali” – NEW
Darwin to Bali – departs 30 January 2021
Priced from $8,200 per person twin share
Highlight: At the island of Lombok, participate in a local ceremony such as a traditional wedding, a coming of age celebration or the completion of a village house

10-night “Ancient Kingdoms of the East Indies, Bali to Singapore” – NEW
Bali to Singapore – departs 9 February 2021
Priced from $8,200 per person twin share

Highlight: Journey to Borobudur & Prambanan Temples – explore, share a meal, and enjoy a traditional dance performance and overnight stay at an historic hotel

14-night “Into the Wilds of Borneo” – NEW
Singapore to Makassar – departs 5 March 2021
Priced from $10,600 per person twin share
Highlight: Enjoy a behind the scenes experience at Camp Leakey and learn from experts about the efforts to protect the orangutans, before lending your support by adopting an orangutan with Coral Expeditions

20-night “Circumnavigation of Sulawesi”
Makassar to Makassar – departs 19 March 2021
Priced from $16,990 per person twin share
Highlight: Meet the beachside boatbuilders of Tana Beru and admire the skillful construction of Phinisi ships

14-night “In the Wake of the Makassans”
Makassar to Darwin – departs 8 April 2021
Priced from $11,990 per person twin share
Highlight: Meet the people of Torajaland, high up in the mountains of Sulawesi, and encounter their astonishing cultural traditions and funeral rituals with an overnight stay

For more details on the 2021 season of Australia’s Pioneering Cruise Line, please visit or call 1800 079 545.

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