Friday 19 March 2021

Leatherman's new pocket tools work to a T

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Every boy or girl should have a pocket knife. I still have the first one my grandfather bought me when I was six. Don't worry, mum hid it for 10 years. 

Over the years I've had a few others of varying quality, but I will always remember my Leatherman which travelled with me for many years until it was finally stolen. That was a sad day and I confess I have made do with inferior items ever since, fearing a repeat.

Now, all that has changed. I am the gleeful recipient of a brand new Leatherman FREE T2, a whole new type of device.

So what's new about US-made FREE? Apart from the distinctive new look, the tools can be accessed in a single action, with one finger of one hand. They call it “first-of-its-kind magnetic architecture” which means the little tools pop in and out effortlessly. So much so that you might find yourself sitting there playing with them and marvelling at the slick action. 

The little T2 everyday carry tool (EDC) has just the basics and is the entry-level multi-tool in the new FREE range. Even, so, it manages to pack eight very useful tools into its compact, lighweight item.

If there is one thing about the lesser tools that continues to irk me, it is the inability to lock the tools in place. How many times have you tried to unscrew something, only for the tool to collapse, usually with the loss of skin from your knuckle and a very embarrassing expletive. This is the basic test for any half-decent multi-tool and Leatherman has always delivered on this score.

There are two styles in the T Series, the T2 ($99) and T4 ($149), with 12 tools, both in a super convenient, true pocket size. We have to agree with Mr Leatherman when he says these tools are “perfect for everyday carry.”

Now, my journey can continue. 

For the full range and specifications, see:

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