Monday 18 December 2023

Albatros Expeditions' Ocean Victory and the Ocean Albatros Unite in Antarctica

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Copenhagen, Denmark – Albatros Expeditions, a pioneer in polar exploration, has achieved a  historic milestone with both of its cutting-edge vessels, the Ocean Victory and the Ocean  Albatros, meeting for the first time at 65.067°S 64.027°W in the iconic Lemaire Channel in  Antarctica on the morning of 11 December. 

This momentous occasion was long-awaited, as this is the first Antarctic season in the company's history with two state-of-the-art vessels operating simultaneously. Passengers  aboard the Ocean Victory and the Ocean Albatros had the unique opportunity to admire their vessel’s sister ship before continuing their journey through the Antarctic Peninsula. 

Both the Ocean Victory and the Ocean Albatros, launched in 2021 and 2023 respectively, are exemplars of modern expedition vessels, equipped with advanced technology and design that set new standards in expedition travel. Hans Lagerweij, CEO of Albatros Expeditions,  expressed his excitement about this significant achievement, stating, "It is an absolute pleasure to witness the two vessels coming together against the stunning backdrop of the  Lemaire Channel. After much anticipation, excitement, and years of hard work, our office and offshore teams were delighted to see the sisters unite for the first time. We hope our guests  onboard enjoyed the view and will have an amazing journey sailing ahead." 

As the Antarctic season unfolds, Albatros Expeditions is excited to continue redefining polar exploration, this time with both the Ocean Victory and the Ocean Albatros. 

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