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Reach the Arctic Before Any Other Ship in 2025 with Le Commandant Charcot

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Luxury expedition line, PONANT, launches sales aboard world-only luxury icebreaker Le Commandant Charcot to the Baffin Sea for Arctic summer 2025, where being alone on the edge of the world is a promise. PONANT embraces its spirit of innovation by embarking on its inaugural voyage on 6 March 2025, sailing ahead of any other ship. Offering 13 departures over 7 varied itineraries, including 2 new routes to explore the Great North.

A chance for guests to immerse themselves in the exclusive ambience of a boreal spring awaits. Le Commandant Charcot provides the opportunity of a distinctive encounter as it navigates deep into the ice during the late winter season. Accessible only to this ship, these remote Arctic reaches are unreachable by any other vessel at this time of the year. The early arrival of Le Commandant Charcot not only provides an unparalleled experience for guests onboard but it also allows PONANT to deliver necessary supplies to the local people of the region, meaning they can emerge from their winter earlier than usual and have their essentials replenished.

“We will be entering another world that we have never seen before,” says PONANT Captain Garcia. All seven itineraries give pride of place to exploration. Depending on the departure schedule, highlights such as Nordic skiing polar treks, dog sledding, kayaking, polar diving, and ice fishing offer unparalleled closeness to nature. On certain itineraries guests will gain privileged access to the unique Inuit communities of Disko Bay and Greenland and will be presented the opportunity to meet and engage with people who not only survive but thrive in one of the most remote and equally captivating regions of our planet.

"As a forefront authority in luxury expeditions, PONANT not only crafts extraordinary experiences but also takes deep pride in fostering meaningful connections and support for communities," says Deb Corbett, PONANT General Manager Sales & Marketing Asia Pacific. "Our exceptional capability to arrive ahead of other ships enables us to elevate beyond the commonplace. Not only benefiting our guests but the communities we visit and sparking inspiration within our team to consistently pioneer impactful contributions and forge profound connections with the global destinations we traverse."

Discover these explorations

Greenlandic Spring And Ice-Covered Disko Bay

An exceptional voyage from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to Greenland’s southwest coast where the sheer whiteness dominates more than ever. Villages are still locked in the ice, their communities cut off from the world.

“By arriving two months earlier than any other ship, Le Commandant Charcot can bring supplies to local communities, particularly fresh produce,” explains PONANT R&D Expedition Experience Director, Jos√© Sarica. Encounters take on a whole other dimension as Inuits and Mi’kmaqs share their spring traditions.

Another out-of-the-ordinary voyage given the time of year explores ice-covered Disko Bay, an immersion in the Greenlandic spring. Each exploration has activities, whether skiing on trackless snow-covered paths, hiking to breath-taking views of ice cathedrals, discovering Arctic wildlife or chasing the Northern Lights – every activity reveals new facets of these territories.

From the St Lawrence to Greenland, the Last Moments of Winter, Saint Pierre and Miquelon – Reykjavik, from 6 to 21 March 2025.

Disko Bay: Meeting the Inuit & Discovering the Unknown, Reykjavik – Nuuk, 2 departures on 21 March and 17 April 2025.

Transarctic, The Quest For The Two North Poles

Summer in 2025 will also be the setting off on a historic voyage across the Arctic in a quest to find the Magnetic and Geographic North Poles, a point that has only been reached by a few. Aboard Le Commandant Charcot, an interdisciplinary group of 20 international researchers will be working together on a major scientific project. Talks, round tables, observations, and explanations promise full immersion for guests who will be witnesses to these experts' attempts to unravel some of the great mysteries of the Arctic.

Transarctic, the Quest for the Two North Poles, Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen – Nome, Alaska, 5 to 25 September 2025.


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