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Aurora Expeditions new polar partnership with polar dive experts Waterproof Expeditions will offer guests further excitement on adventure cruises.  The partnership has plenty of synergy with Aurora Expeditions having earned their reputation as a pioneer in polar cruising operating professional, high quality expeditions onboard the Polar Pioneer since 1992 and Waterproof have more than 20-years dive experience in the Polar regions.

Waterproof and Aurora Expeditions are also welcoming renowned underwater photography specialist, Franco Banfi aboard for their 'Across the Circle' voyages, departing February 4 and 15, 2011. Aurora Expeditions' passengers can glean expert information from this world champion in underwater photography. Banfi has received many honours including winning Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature's Best and the Gold Celebrate the sea photo award.

His images have been featured in magazines such as BBC Wildlife, GEO, National Geographic, Stern, Scuba Diving, and in countless publications worldwide, making him more than qualified to embark on Waterproof and Aurora Expeditions' new adventure.

For each of these dive and photography expeditions, Waterproof Expeditions will provide experienced polar dive masters, all dive planning and equipment. Divers will be treated to a unique dive container providing comfortable storing space for gear and a heating system for dry suits and BCDs.

There is availability for both divers and explorers on two 12-night departures ( "Across the Circle" Voyages) onboard the Polar Pioneer sailing from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula
04 – 15 February 2011
15 – 26 February 2011

Prices from US$6,400 per person and quoted in US dollars,  includes accommodation, full board and all daily excursions and activities while onboard the Polar Pioneer. The dive package costs an additional US$1140 and includes dive compressor, tanks, weights and belts (divers need to bring their own personal dive gear) and leadership by an experienced Polar Dive Master.  Flights are not included.

**Special offer – Aurora Expeditions are offering 20% off the 'Across the Circle' voyages until 30th November 2010.

PADI Polar Diver Specialty
Waterproof Expeditions has developed the Padi Polar Diver Specialty - a unique chance to become one of the world's first certified Polar Divers. The Polar Diver Specialty Course is exclusive to Waterproof Expeditions and can only be taken in Antarctica below the Antarctic Convergence or below 60 degrees, and in the Arctic above the Arctic Circle.
This course is designed to be an introduction to polar diving, to help the student diver develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary for diving in polar environments.

Polar Diving and Snorkelling
For the advanced diver the Polar regions are a unique experience with amazing ice formations and marine life seemingly from another planet such as giant isopods and salps; seals racing fearlessly by, graceful in a way not possible above the surface, and sunlight from above creating a stunning, ever-changing spectrum of colour among the diverse benthos. Snorkelling offers some of the best encounters with large mammals including Antarctica's incredible leopard seal - an adventure experienced by very few.

Full concept for explorers and divers
With the addition of Waterproof Expeditions dive operation the M/V Polar Pioneer effectively runs two trips each with their own dedicated guide(s). For the topside explorers this means much smaller groups on a landing site or on a zodiac cruise. For example, an average of 20 guests on landings and zodiac cruises compared with 100 for most other expedition vessels. The small numbers offer exceptional freedom for dedicated activities and longer, more exploratory cruises causing virtually no disturbance, giving guests more rewarding interactions with the wildlife.

There are also occasions where the 'explorer's and the divers can add to each others' experience. Life in the Polar Regions is very much based under the sea, and divers' perspectives, photographs, videos and presentations on the underwater world have proved fascinating for the above water expeditioners. On many occasions, the boats alert the divers to some wildlife they hadn't seen and vice versa.
\About Waterproof Expeditions

Waterproof Expeditions specialises in unique photography, diving and snorkelling experiences to some of the world's most remote and exotic destinations. From ice-diving in Antarctica's polar waters and underwater filming in the Canadian Arctic to cage diving with great whites in Guadalupe, swimming with sea lions and penguins in the Galapagos and snorkelling with sailfish in Mexico – Waterproof's fascinating destinations and marine life make their trips popular for divers and non-divers alike. All Waterproof Expeditions' departures have an expert guide ranging from renowned underwater photographers and wildlife cameramen to conservationists, explorers and naturalists.

Further information Aurora Expeditions
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