Monday 15 November 2010

Win a seven-day holiday to the galapagos islands

Vacations & Travel magazine, together with Adventure World & Gap Adventures, is offering subscribers the chance to win a seven-day holiday to the Galapagos Islands.

The winner and a companion will enjoy Economy Class flights to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, as well as connecting flights to the Galapagos Islands. From here, you’ll embark on the “Comfort Galapagos Gap Adventures Tour” – a fascinating cruise around the archipelago including four nights’ accommodation, a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station and some meals.

Entry is open to all Vacations & Travel subscribers, so if you haven’t subscribed already, now is the time. Simply fill out the subscription card here and answer three simple questions, or subscribe and enter online

Entries must be received by December 31, 2010, and the lucky winner will be notified by phone.

Explore the Galapagos with Adventure World

The Galapagos archipelago lies around 1,000 kilometres off the coast of South America and is reached via a short flight from Quito, Ecuador. The isolation and late discovery by humans, along with a historical lack of predators, has set the stage for a unique environmental experiment that has developed into an astounding evolutionary showcase. Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin with Adventure World’s eye-opening Galapagos cruise and discover this fascinating world for yourself.

The adventure begins in Quito, set 2,850 metres above the sea. You’ll spend one night here before flying to the Galapagos Islands where you’ll be met by your naturalist guide who will assist with transfers to the yacht, moored in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island. You’ll visit the Charles Darwin Station, see giant tortoises and learn about Charles Darwin’s studies of Galapagos wildlife.

The coming days will be spent cruising the Galapagos aboard a luxurious yacht, complete with outside decks for relaxing, a dining room and a bar. Cabins come with ensuite bathrooms and air-conditioning and all meals are provided.

Covering nearly 5,000 square kilometres, the Galapagos Islands provide unparalleled opportunities for interacting with wildlife. Over the course of your holiday you’ll have the chance to watch (and swim with) sea lions, as well as ogle endemic bird species such as the Galapagos hawk, Galapagos snake, a variety of finches and the Galapagos mockingbird.

On day five, on the island of Española, you’ll enjoy a stroll to Punta Suarez on the west coast, where gargantuan waves break on jagged cliffs and large bird colonies thickly populate the interior of the island. The waved albatross is seen here from April to December during its nesting season. Large numbers of masked- and blue-footed boobies are also found here, red-billed tropic birds dash madly through the air and both marine iguanas and sea lions are common. A huge blowhole, where the surf is forced through a natural rock formation spouting seawater 20 metres into the air, adds to the island’s impression of untamed beauty.

On the final day of your cruise you’ll stop at San Cristóbal, the easternmost island of Galapagos and one of the oldest, before flying to Quito for onward connections back to Australia. 1300-363-055;

Entry is open to all Vacations & Travel subscribers, so if you haven’t subscribed already, now is the time. Either fill in the subscription card, subscribe online at or call 
02 9555 8100. Entries must be in by December 31, 2010 and 
the lucky winner will be notified by phone.

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