Wednesday 5 January 2011

Family Expedition Cruises in Galapagos

Travel companies who want clients with families to experience sustainable travel on a Galapagos cruise rely on Ecoventura’s eco-friendly fleet of small expedition vessels in the Galapagos region.

“Active travel companies who share our conservation mission increasingly target Ecoventura, especially when it comes to the family market where parents are concerned that the Galapagos experience communicate ecology and sustainability,” says Doris Welsh, Ecoventura’s Director of Sales & Marketing.

Welsh points out, “What sets Ecoventura apart from others in the Galapagos is the fact that we will dedicate one entire yacht just for families, and when demand is stronger, we have one boat for families with younger age children and one with teenagers. You will not find that on other vessels in Galapagos.”

Welsh notes that “obviously clients have booking options and can go through a travel agent who we hope is aware of Ecoventura (, or clients can book a package with top tour operators specializing in family travel and with whom Ecoventura frequently partners.” Clients can also opt to book directly with Ecoventura that maintains a sales office in Miami.

Agents and tour companies can offer the advantage of helping a client with their air travel logistics and pre and post lodging plus cruise extensions. Many tour operators will package an Ecoventura 8-day cruise with extra days before or after exploring the regions of mainland Ecuador or Peru, Welsh points out.

Welsh notes that family travel accounts for a growing percentage of Ecoventura’s Galapagos cruise business. Ages 12 and up can join trips throughout the year. Families with kids ages seven and up are welcome to travel on any designated Family Departure (including Family Teen and Family Graduation trips) that target families who enjoy the companionship of other families with children of similar ages.

Activities for the youngest adventurers include a visit to the bridge, learning about navigational charts and how to tie nautical knots with the captain. In addition to games and activities, the vessels stock masks, fins, wetsuits and life vests in children’s sizes. Children-friendly menus are offered in addition to adult fare. Trips for teens ages 12 to 17 and for graduates ages 17 to 21 are more physically active and optimize the longer trails and varied sea kayaking and snorkeling opportunities. Children up to age 11 receive 25% discount and teens age 12 to 17 receive 15% discount off Ecoventura cruise rates.

To reserve a cabin or private charter, or to receive a copy of Ecoventura’s 2011 catalog please call toll-free 1.800.644.7972, or e-mail To access current rates, schedules and itineraries log on to

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