Wednesday 11 December 2013

Let's Go SeaDreaming: Day 3, Nyang Wee, Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Nyang Wee locals relax in a local store. These hardy, cheerful folks lead
what some of us would see as an idyllic life on a tropical island. Of course,
there are the inevitable privations and a bag of used spectacles brought
by guests was gratefully received.
Local boatman steers us ashore. Local craft were used
to get us on the rocky beach at Nyang Wee where we
mingled with the locals.
SeaDream II at anchor near 115 Island, Mergui Archipelago
SeaDream II passengers visit 'Sea Gypsie' village on Nyang Wee.
It occurred to me that these islands present new opportunities for
expedition cruising and learned that Ponant (at least) has been
here twice already.
In a first for SeaDream Yacht Club, staff moved the entire dining
room and bar ashore for a spectacular dinner under the stars.
Our strolling minstrel serenaded us with John Denver and Beatles
covers, while guests sent lanterns into the sky.

For more information and reservations, contact SeaDream specialist:
Cruise Express on 1300 766 537.

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