Wednesday 18 December 2013

Sailing Adventure to Antarctica

There are some things in life which stand out as the ultimate adventure and a sailing expedition to explore Antarctica is one of them. Aqua-Firma, a UK-based specialist in polar voyages, has turned up the adventure element by providing this extraordinary 25-day voyage. Journey on board a 72ft steel ocean-going yacht across the Southern Ocean with just 11 passengers and an expert crew.

With no previous sailing experience required, (but a keen sense of adventure a prerequisite!) you have the opportunity to help set sail, steer and navigate under the guidance of experienced professionals.

The objective is to explore the best of Antarctica, sailing along its mountainous coastline, mooring amid glaciers, and observing fabulous wildlife at close quarters. Two support landing craft and a polar guide means small groups can indulge in their own interests: sit quietly amongst the penguin colonies, visit research stations, hike ashore or silently cruise amid towering icebergs.

To learn more about this sailing expedition and other small ship wildlife voyages to Antarctica and the Arctic, call Aqua-Firma's polar experts and guides on 01428 620012, email or visit

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