Wednesday 20 August 2014

Aurora Antarctica Cruise Discount

Expedition cruise company, Aurora Expeditions, are offering savings of over US$1,500 on a selection of this season's Antarctic voyages.

Passengers will save a massive 15% off the price of their cabin as well as receive bonus inclusions such as a stylish 2-in-1 polar expedition jacket and a printed keepsake Photo Book.

Two expeditions, 'Photographers: South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula' and 'Spirit of Antarctica', also include free Canon-accredited photography workshops that are designed and delivered by resident award-winning Polar Photography Guide, Joshua Holko. The exclusive and complimentary onboard photography program is open to all levels of photographer, and includes informal talks and image reviews, opportunities for one-on-one instruction and informal side-by-side shooting from the ship deck, in Zodiacs and during shore landings.

There are also opportunities for would-be adventurers to paddle the wildlife-rich waters in sea kayaks, climb Antarctica's icy slopes, or even camp out overnight like a true Antarctic explorer. All expeditioners will have the chance to revel in daily shore landings, attempt a Polar Plunge, and enjoy unlimited wildlife observation from the ship's 24 hour Open Bridge.

Aurora Expeditions' experienced, enthusiastic expedition team accompany passengers every step of the way, along with a selection of certified naturalists, historians, and geologists who are all equally committed to delivering an educationally-rich and life-changing experience.

Each expedition is operated on the 54-passenger, ice-strengthen vessel, Polar Pioneer – one of the smallest ships to sail Antarctic waters. Each expedition is unique due to their flexibility and expeditionary-style, which allows for Zodiac cruises and landings at least twice a day.

The 20-day 'Photographers: South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula' expedition departs 3 November 2014 and price starts from US$11,600 per person, triple share (including discount). Photographers will capture perfect light as the days grow longer, watching king penguins shuffle eggs on their feet, elephant seals pup and fur seal males battle for mating rights.

The 12-day 'Spirit of Antarctica' expedition departs 6 December 2014 and price starts from US$7,395 per person, triple share (including discount). This Antarctic adventure involves dramatic icescapes and wildlife spectaculars. On shore you are free to roam amongst prying penguins and sleeping seals, whilst in Zodiacs you'll enjoy magical rides past icebergs and glaciers.

All expeditions include onboard accommodation, meals, guided shore excursions, and an in-depth education program with expert commentary and talks by Aurora's team of naturalists, historians, geologists, expedition team and special guest lecturers.

There is no better time to take the trip of a lifetime! If you're ready to take the plunge call Aurora Expeditions on 1800 637 688 or +61 (0) 2 9252 1033 or visit

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