Thursday 11 December 2014

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic announces new experts on 2015 voyages



Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has announced a suite of special guests for the next year as part of its Global Perspectives Speakers Program, including new itineraries with the legendary Valerie Taylor.

The wide range of expeditions offers guests the chance to explore and personally interact with world-renowned researchers and explorers. The line-up of speakers for 2015 allows Lindblad Expeditions guests to travel with individuals known for discovering new species, diving to uncharted depths, leading primate research, and altering the course of scientific history.

The below rates are per person per night in a category one cabin based on double occupancy.

Global Perspectives Speakers onboard the National Geographic Orion:

Valerie Taylor:

Valerie Taylor
Since her revolutionary footage of great white sharks in 1973, Valerie Taylor has been a hugely influential scuba diver. She has been on a National Geographic cover and featured in live shark sequences that have appeared in the movies of Jaws, Orca and the Blue Lagoon. Taylor will join 'Indian Ocean Odyssey: Seychelles, Maldives and Sri Lanka' departing 20 April 2015. Rates from $22,140.

Sir. James Mancham:

Learn the Seychelles history through the eyes of its founding president, Sir James R. Mancham. A visionary, award-winning peacemaker and author, Mancham played a pivotal part in settling international disputes. Mancham is widely recognised for putting the islands on the must-visit list for world travellers. He will join the two parts of the Seychelles: 'Treasures of the Indian Ocean: Zanzibar and the Seychelles' departing 9 April 2015 (from $14,770) and 'Indian Ocean Odyssey: Seychelles, Maldives and Sri Lanka departing 20 April 2015 (from $22,140).

Biruté Galdikas:

As the foremost authority on the orangutan, Biruté Galdikas has dedicated her life to educating others of the importance of this endangered animal. Since 1971, she has studied the science of these red apes through documenting their ecology and behaviour. Galdikas founded "Camp Leakey" and is the President and founder of Orangutan Foundation International. Galdikas will join three itineraries in 2015. These are 'Wild Islands of Sri Lanka, Borneo and the Andaman Sea' departing 6 May 2015 (from $23,380) 'Camp Leakey: Faces in the Forest' departing August 30 2015 (from $14,630) and 'Singapore to Raja Ampat: Exotic Indonesia' departing September 9 2015 (from $18,160).

Lawrence Blair:

Dr. Lawrence Blair has spent much of the past three decades exploring and making films in Indonesia. An expert on the culture, geography and zoology of Indonesia, he has also spent many years as a media communicator and has written, presented and co-produced the series Ring of Fire which won two Emmy awards in 1988. Dr Blair will join 'Wild Islands of Sri Lanka, Borneo and the Andaman Sea' departing 6 May 2015 (from $23,380) and 'Kimberley Expedition with the Spice Islands' departing 16 August 2015 (from $12,830).

Global Perspectives Speakers onboard the National Geographic Explorer:

Eric Larsen:

The first to journey on a summer expedition to the North Pole, Eric Larsen is known for completing more polar expeditions than any other American. Larsen's other expeditions include cycling in Antarctica, dog sledding in the Canadian Arctic and climbing Mount McKinley. Larsen will join the 'Land of the Ice Bears: An In-Depth Exploration of Arctic Svalbard' departing 16 June 2015. Rates from $10,490.

Johan Reinhard:

Johan Reinhard is famed for the recovery of Ice Maiden, an Inca mummy found on Mount Ampato. This feat was chosen by Time magazine as one of the world's ten most important discoveries of 1995. An anthropologist and high-altitude archaeologist, Reinhard has authored more than 70 publications, including six books. Reinhard will join 'Peru and Chile: Ancient Sites and Natural Wonders' departing 8 October 2015. Rates from $19,660.

Don Walsh:

Don Walsh, along with his colleague, is recognised for completing the deepest manned dive in history. An oceanographer, ocean engineer and retired Navy Captain, Dr. Walsh is author of more than 200 ocean-related publications with his explorations taking him on more than 50 polar expeditions. Dr. Walsh will travel on 'Land of the Ice Bears: An In-depth Exploration of Arctic Svalbard' departing 2 June 2015. Rates from $10, 490.

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