Monday 22 December 2014

Captain Chad of True North and Dennis's Big Barra



I have so many fond memories and experiences from the year past, some just incredible from both an emotional and physical perspective.

I could write for hours but in the interests of brevity, my favourite Kimberley moment was a fishing expedition with Dennis whose sole aim was to catch a barra – but not just any barra - a BIG barra!

We were up early and we were treated to a complete ‘glass-off’. So we pushed up Camp Creek to where the fresh meets the salt - two dinghies with four fishers in each.

Dennis ended-up catching a massive 111.5cm thumper. Not only was he stoked beyond belief but all involved were equally entertained by the battle, the landing and best of all, the release.

Dennis and the BIG Barra
The event was also memorable because it resulted in my winning the annual crew prize for helping a guest to land the biggest barra! As a former master would say “Happy Days!”

My favourite international moment was experiencing the Sepik Soiree. The stilt village and the ‘crocodile initiations’ are incredible experiences. And, being a diver who has dived for a living, it’s always hard to go past those special moments underwater. The diving at the Hermit Islands was simply out of this world. Never before have I experienced clarity which seemed endless.

2014 was a very special year which I enjoyed immensely and, I would like to thank all of our wonderful guests for making it possible.

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!

Captain Chad

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