Sunday 17 July 2016

Australian passengers robbed on Amazon Discovery

Attacked: Amazon Discovery (pic: Avalon Waterways)
source: AP

Peruvian authorities say bandits have attacked an Amazon tourist boat and robbed more than two dozen tourists from the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

Oscar Garrido-Lecca is the port captain in the river city of Iquitos and he says police are hunting through the area to find the robbers.

He says the attackers used a small craft to reach the Amazon Discovery, operated by Peruvian company Delfin Amazon Cruises in conjunction with , boarded it and then robbed passengers and crew of goods worth about $20,000 early Thursday.

The tourists included 21 Americans, six Australians and two from New Zealand. There were also 25 Peruvians working aboard.

After attacks on Aqua Expedition vessels in 2009, armed security officers were placed aboard each departure.

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