Sunday 6 November 2016

Lindblad completes historic Shackleton Trek

#expeditioncruising .

Hearty congratulations to @jeremylindblad the #LindbladExpeditions team for completing the #Shackleton Trek in astonishing time.

At 5PM on November 1st our team reached the top of Shackleton's waterfall overlooking Stromness. This is where The Boss and his men heard the faint whistle from the whaling station, probably the sweetest sound that any of them had ever heard. It was at this point that they knew their lives had been saved, but the fate of the 22 men back at Elephant Island was still unknown. As luck would have it, they all survived, making Shackleton's story one of the greatest examples of human survival and leadership ever known. We sat atop this hill, staring down at the NG Orion and approaching NG Explorer, in awe of what those men went through and were proud that we were able to get just a taste of what they must have felt during the last part of their journey. Thanks and love to the team, this was an experience that I don't think any of us will ever forget! 📷 @devlin_gandy / @natgeo @lindbladexp / #Shackleton #ShackletonTrek #explore #exploremore #adventure #vacation #beautifuldestinations #outside #nature #wildlife #mountainclimbing #glacier #polar #naturephotography #photography #travel #roamtheplanet #expedition
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