Wednesday 21 March 2018

Kara Weller to head Discovery Team for Scenic Eclipse.

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Scenic has announced the appointment of Kara Weller as Head Discovery Team Leader for Scenic Eclipse.

A qualified biologist, Ms Weller holds a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Wildlife Biology and has spent the past 20 years, educating cruise passengers on the many highlights of Antarctica and the Arctic. Kara has extensive experience working as an expedition leader, naturalist lecturer and Zodiac driver on more than 150 cruises. She joins the Scenic Eclipse team from Silversea Expeditions.

On board Scenic Eclipse, Kara will be responsible for managing the 16 member Discovery Team, facilitating Zodiac and kayak excursions, guiding onshore explorations and hosting onboard lectures on the Antarctic and Arctic regions. She will be assisted by a group of highly experienced naturalists, including a marine biologist, glaciologist, historian, ornithologist and geologist, as well as a fisheries and underwater expert, dedicated kayaking guides and Zodiac drivers.

Scenic Founder and Chairman Glen Moroney said he was delighted to welcome someone with Kara’s extensive experience and passion for the polar regions, to the Scenic Eclipse team.

“The Antarctic and Arctic regions are a key focus for Scenic Eclipse and will be a highlight for our guests, so it is vital that our Discovery team have the knowledge, dedication and passion to share with guests during their time on board. Kara embodies all the attributes we are looking for and I have no doubt she will be a real asset to the team.”

Kara said she was looking forward to stepping foot on board Scenic Eclipse when it debuts on 31 August. “Scenic Eclipse is the most incredible looking ship I have ever seen. I have worked on 15 to 20 different expedition ships in the polar regions and this is by far the most amazing ship that's going to be down there,” she said.

With more than 20 years’ experience in Antarctica, Kara said there was no better way to experience the region than by a custom built discovery yacht. “The best way to see Antarctica is by cruise because you want to be able to get around to more than just one spot. You want to see penguins, you want to see a few different bits of the landscape, not just one area. It's an amazing way to see Antarctica, and the region is spectacular beyond belief,” she said.

Kara said she believed travel was an important way for people to educate themselves about the planet we live on. “You need to go to a place to see it and smell it and touch it and absorb the sounds in order to understand it and so to care about it. The polar regions are to me the most precious places on our earth and I want people to care about them as much as I do and to fight to protect them.”

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