Tuesday 21 May 2019

BREAKING: One Ocean Expeditions loses two ships in surprise Russian recall

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It has been confirmed that leading Canadian expedition cruise company has had two of its three ships withdrawn suddenly by the Russian government agency which owns the vessels.

Ioffe and her sister, Vavilov have been suddenly recalled by their Russian owners. 

OOE says customers and resellers have been informed and they (OOE) are exploring legal options.

"Following the 2018-19 Antarctic season and before the start of the 2019 Arctic season, the vessel owners unexpectedly decided to return the vessels to Kaliningrad, Russia for purported repairs. This was not communicated to OOE in advance.

"The owners’ refusal to provide the vessels is a breach of their contract with OOE. OOE has done everything in its power to compel the owners to abide by their contractual obligations. As such, legal action has been commenced by OOE," wrote OOE MD, Andrew Prossin, in a letter to customers.

The two stalwart ships, Ioffe and Vavilov, have served the expedition market since the '90s.

A formal media statement from OOE management is expected shortly.

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